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Why You Must Have An Affiliate Program For Your Business

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

If you are looking for the best way to sell more of your products and fill up your teleseminars, an affiliate program is the answer.

What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is a special program in which you (owner of products, programs and teleseminars) pay your affiliates for sales of your products, programs and teleseminars. People who sign up to sell your products, programs and teleseminars through your affiliate program are called your affiliates.

When your affiliates sign up to use your affiliate program, your affiliate program automatically generates special links for them to use. If they refer sales through these special links, they will earn commissions.

An affiliate program is a win-win for both you and your affiliates. You win because you are able to reach more people and sell more of your products and services. Your affiliates win because they can offer products for sale and make money with them without having to create their own products.

So why should you, a business owner, have your own affiliate program? Here are three reasons to do that:

- Acquire New Customers. Customers who are referred to your web site by your affiliates are typically first-time customers who didn’t know about your products and teleseminars prior to clicking from the referring site.

You must acquire new clients on a regular basis in order to stay in business. Having an affiliate program helps you get new customers through your affiliates.

- Get MORE Product Sales. When you have an affiliate program, you have more sales of your products, programs and teleseminars. It’s that simple! If you do not have an affiliate program, you are missing out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional sales.

- Pay For Performance. How many times have you paid for advertising and did not generate any results? Traditional advertising does not necessarily increase sales, but you have to pay for it upfront. You incur the expense whether or not the advertising campaign was successful.

With an affiliate program, you pay for performance only. When your affiliates generate sales, they earn commissions. No sales – no commissions. Think of your affiliates as online commission-only sales people.

As you can see, there are many reasons for having an affiliate program. Here is a plan of action for you to jump-start your affiliate program and start using it to generate sales:

- Start an affiliate program if you don’t already have one.

- Offer help to your affiliates. Let your affiliates know where and how to get their affiliate links and how to use them to earn money.

- Keep in touch. E-mail your affiliates on a regular basis to let them know how they can earn more with your affiliate program. Doing this will help your affiliates promote you more and sell more of your products.

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How To Create New Income Streams In Under 10 Minutes

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on how to stay in business and get clients during an economic downturn. One of the recommendations I made in that article was to create products, such as e-books, classes, audio, seminars and more that you can offer for sale to those who don’t want to spend the money on your services.

Your products cost less than your services, so when your potential customers are not willing to spend money on your services during the downturn, you can offer them your products. This way, both of you win! Your potential customers will still get help that they need and you can still make money with your knowledge.

The products will also help you create multiple streams of income for your business, so that you do not have to rely just on your services to bring in revenue.

After that article came out, I have been getting many e-mails from readers. Quite a few of you asked
me what to do if you are not ready to create products yet, but you do want to create multiple streams of income in your business.

The answer is to use someone else’s products through an affiliate program.

So how do you pick affiliate programs to join? Here are some tips:

Pick an affiliate program with many different products that will be of interest to your target market.

– It is even better if you already used a few of those products, because that way you will be able to recommend them.

Join that program, learn a bit about the products, and start promoting them.

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Biana Babinsky

Affiliate Marketing For Solopreneurs

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Do you use affiliate marketing to promote your ebooks, reports and other products?

I love affiliate marketing — it is a great way to introduce my products to more customers, while rewarding those who do the introduction. My affiliates earn money, every time they make a sale, which makes this arrangement a win-win situation for all of us.

Affiliate marketing works very simply — my affiliates register for my affiliate program at no cost to them. When they register, they receive a special link, encoded with their affiliate id, that they can use to promote my products. When someone makes a purchase through their affiliate link, they receive commissions.

There are many different ways to set up an affiliate program for your products and services. You can do that by using your existing shopping cart (some shopping cart software already comes with affiliate program included), or you can purchase separate software specifically to run your affiliate program.

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Biana Babinsky

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FREE Make Money With Information Products Audio Recording

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Hi, everyone

Yesterday we had many people on the Make Money With Information Products call. I got a few e-mails from people telling me that the lines were full, and they could not get in.

You can get the teleseminar’s audio recording at Here are just some things I shared on this call:
– How to find ideas for most profitable products

– How to make more money with your products

Online marketing techniques to use to bring more buyers to your web site

– How to leverage your products to create a products empire

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How To Sell More Of Your Ebooks

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Want to sell more ebooks online? The same marketing techniques that work for promoting your web site and services work for promoting ebooks and other products:

Create good, persuasive copy. A good sales letter for your ebook can dramatically increase your sales. Make sure you tout the benefits of the product in the sales letter.

Search engine optimization – make sure you optimize your ebook page with relevant keywords. A lot of people use search engines to locate products they want to buy; make sure you can get some of that traffic to your web site.

Article writing and publishing. Write articles of interest to your target market, and create a powerful Resource Box to promote your ebook. I find this to be a great way to promote my ebooks and other products.

Affiliate Marketing. Create a profitable affiliate program that encourages your affiliates to recommend and promote your products on their blogs and web sites.

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Is Coaching Shifting to Multiple Streams of Income?

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

There is definitely a shift from just one-on-one coaching to one-on-one coaching + products approach. This is the approach I use and the approach I teach to my own clients, many of who are coaches.

Here are a few reasons why:

– There is a finite number of hours in a week, and this number of hours limits the number of one-on-one clients I can take on. And remember, working with someone one-on-one is not just the coaching time. I also spend the time to prepare for every session. I also provide unlimited e-mail support in-between sessions. All of this takes time.

– I want to help as many people as possible, and that is just not possible if I were to offer one-on-one coaching only. Again, there are just so many hours I can spend working, which limits the number of people I can work with.

– Not all of my clients can afford the one-on-one rates, but many more can afford my teleseminars, e-books and group online business coaching program. Therefore by offering the products, I am helping more people and am able to bring in more revenue.

– Reaching more people really helps me in the long run. My one-on-one clients refer people who buy my products, and someone who bought my e-book a while ago referred a potential coaching client.

– My products help me create marketing opportunities with others – through joint teleseminars, my affiliate program, and lots of other cooperative marketing opportunities and events. I would not be able to do lots of these things (and bring in revenue!) if I only had my one-on-one coaching to offer.

I enjoy one-on-one work I do, and I love to see my clients succeed. But having products helps me have more flexible hours, not work as much, and help many more people.

Biana Babinsky

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An Income Stream For You

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

As you may know, I am a big proponent of having multiple streams of income. I have diversified my own income streams – I do a lot of coaching/consulting, but I also have ebooks, audio recordings and teleseminars.

Why is it important to have multiple streams of income? Because if all of your income comes from coaching/consulting and working one on one with clients, your income is limited. There are just so many hours in a day, and they put a limit on the amount you earn. However, by creating multiple streams of income, and selling products, in addition to services, you can increase your profits, without increasing the time spent on generating them.
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