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How To Use Your List To Get Clients

Monday, June 30th, 2008

After reading my my blog posts on list building, many coaches have asked me what comes next. Once you get some people on your list, how do you leverage your list to get clients, make money and improve your business?

Just like with using any other marketing technique, in order to get the best results from your newsletter, you need to create a plan to get clients, make money and get results with your newsletter list.

Here are some things to think about and include into your plan:

You Need To Bring In More Subscribers Every Single Day. Your target customers subscribe to your list and they also unsubscribe. Your goal for your newsletter list is to have as many people as possible see your message and learn about your business. Therefore the more people you can attract to your list, the better.

Publish Your Newsletter On A Regular Basis. Your subscribers will not do business with you and will not buy from you unless they hear from you. The only way they will know about your expertise and about what you have to offer is by reading your newsletter issues.

Research shows that people need to hear from you on average 7 times (sometimes many more!) to buy something from you.

If you want results from your newsletter, such as more clients and more money, you need to publish! Publish your newsletter on a regular basis with useful information that your subscribers want to know about AND promo’s of your own products and services. A win-win for everyone.

Create Products In Different Price Ranges. While lots of people are interested in coaching, the vast majority of them will never become your one-on-one coaching clients.

Some can’t afford one-on-one services, others may be able to afford them, but are not at the stage where they can justify the money they are going to spend.

But many more people would be willing to pay for group coaching, ebook, audio and other products because they cost much less than one-on-one service packages.

Create your own products and offer them to your list – that way you are using your list to build passive income streams for your business.

In my Grow Your List Home Study Course I discuss how to use your list to get clients, make money and create passive income streams. Check it out at

How do you use your list to get clients?

Biana Babinsky

Create A Marketing Funnel

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Many coaching, consulting and other service professionals have told me that they have tried everything to get more one-on-one service clients. They have told me that they have gone to networking events, offered no charge consultations to prospects and joined lead groups. Some are even publishing newsletters, but their newsletters have also failed to bring in many service clients.

After analyzing what these service professionals are doing, I have found that many of them have just one offering — a single, expensive one-on-one service….

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New Online Marketing Articles Posted

Monday, October 29th, 2007


I just posted many new online marketing and online business articles for you to read.

I have also separated the articles into sections, so that it is easier for you to find articles on the specific topics you are looking for.

Here is the list of article topics. Click on the topic you are interested in to read the articles on that topic:
Article Marketing, how to promote your expertise by writing and publishing articles.

Blog Marketing Articles, how to start a blog and use it to promote your business.

How To Get Clients Articles, tips and advice on how to get clients online.

Earn Multiple Income Streams Online Articles, how to create multiple streams of income for your business.

How To Do A Teleclass Articles, how to run teleclasses and make money with them.

E-book Publishing Articles, how to publish and sell your ebooks for profits.

Newsletter Marketing Articles, how to start a newsletter and build a huge newsletter list.

Online Copywriting Articles, how to write effective web copy.

Successful Online Business Articles, how to create a successful online business.

How To Increase Web Site Traffic, how to get more online traffic to your business.

Search Engine Optimization Articles, how to use search engine optimization.

Target Market Articles, how to find a target market for your business.

Social Networking Articles, how to use social networking websites to get clients.

Business And Marketing Articles, how to set goals, not be afraid of marketing and lots more business articles.

Affiliate Marketing Articles, how to make money by selling other people’s products.

Web Site Design Articles, how to make sure your web site is designed effectively.

Coaches, Work Less And Make More Money

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

We have all been there. We all started our businesses to help our clients, make money and still enjoy a great quality of life. Instead, many business owners find themselves working longer hours and not having any time to spend with their friends and family.

How does this happen? When business owners start a brand new business, they have few clients. Then they embark on a marketing plan that will help gain clients…

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Biana Babinsky

How To Generate Leads For Your Business

Friday, October 5th, 2007

What are leads? Leads are people who haven’t bought from you (yet), but are in your target market and have expressed some interest in what you do and what you have to offer.

With time, you can turn some of these leads into clients. One of the best marketing strategies for a service business owner is to get many leads daily and follow up with them in order to turn them into clients.

I have been generating leads for my business and helping my clients generate leads for their businesses for a long time. Here is a 3 point plan to help you get started with generating leads for your business:

Define your target market. Who are the people that you want to bring to your web site and turn into leads?

Create a compelling FREE product that you will give away to your leads in exchange for their e-mail address. The product can be an ebook, white paper, special report, audio, etc.

The medium of the product is not as important as the topic it’s on. The product’s topic should be very compelling, it should make your potential leads decide that they want the gift and give you their e-mail address in exchange for the gift.

Now you can use a follow up process with your leads and turn them into actual clients.

Need help finding leads for your business? Join my online business mentoring program at to learn how to generate leads for your business.

Biana Babinsky

How To Create A Web Site That Gets You Clients

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Many of my clients have asked me how to get started on having a web site. Should they create a web site themselves? How should they do it? Should they hire someone else to create a web site for them? What makes a good web site?

I usually recommend stepping back from an idea of a web site, and creating a list of what you actually need. You do not need a web site per se; what you really need is a process for getting clients online. Your web site is one of the main pieces in this process.

So, what do you need your web site for? Ask yourself these questions about your future web site:

– Do you need a place to promote your services?

– Do you want to create a hands-off system for getting clients online? Do you want to be able to build your list and use online marketing techniques to do that?

– Do you want to sell products such as ebooks, teleseminars and others?

– Do you need a membership web site?

– Do you need an automated system to get people to your web site and promote your services to them?

What to include on your web site and how to design it will depend on the purpose your web site will serve. If you don’t know what you need your web site to do, don’t hire a designer, as you will waste your money.

Only when you know what the web site needs to do, hire someone to create it for you.
Also, there is no reason to have a web site, unless you are going to use it and other online marketing techniques to attract more clients. If you will not use it for marketing, it will just be another business expense that will not pay for itself.

If you do want to use your web site to market your business, decide what you need your web site to do, before doing anything else. Doing this now will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

I have helped many clients to save thousands of dollars on their web sites – by helping them create a web site plan to get their web site right the very first time they design it or outsource to have it designed for them. You may want to join my mentoring program at to learn how to create a plan for your web site.
Biana Babinsky

How To Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

How Can I Get MORE Newsletter Subscribers? This is one of the most popular questions I receive from coaches, consultants and other service business owners.

The best way to get more people to subscribe to your newsletter is by offering a free gift that they can receive when they subscribe.

Everyone likes free gifts, so when you offer a free gift to your subscribers you are immediately going to get more people to subscribe.

When people first learn about your newsletter, they are not sure if they want to subscribe or not. But they will definitely subscribe if they really want to receive the gift you are offering.

You want the people who learn about the gift to immediately say: “I want this!” and subscribe to your newsletter, so that they can get the gift. Therefore, the gift should be on a topic that is of great interest to your target market.

A few months ago I taught members of my mentoring program how to create a newsletter gift that will get you many newsletter subscribers. You can get the recording of that call at

Biana Babinsky

How To Market Your Book Online

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

So you wrote a book, now what? How can you find people who want to buy your book online? Here is how:

Define the target audience for your book – who are the people who want to buy your book? Who is the target market for your book? Your book is very targeted, so you should be able to pinpoint a very specific group of people who wants the information you are sharing in the book.

Start a newsletter to collect the email addresses of people who visit your web site. Not everyone is going to buy your book the first time they visit your web site. If you can’t keep in touch with them AFTER they have visited your web site, you have lost them forever.

If you are able to get their email address you will be able to market your book to them for a long time. Plus, if you decide to offer other products based on your book (teleseminars, ebooks, etc) you will be able to use your e-mail list to promote them as well.

Create a marketing plan for your book. There are lots of things you can do to market your book – article marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, public speaking, etc.

Make sure your plan addresses how to get traffic to your web site, how to turn your traffic into leads and how to turn your leads into buyers.

Have you written a book? Do you want to sell more copies of your book online? Listen to my FREE Audio Recording, 5 Steps To Selling More Copies Of Your Book. You can download the audio recording, free at

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How Long Should Your Articles Be?

Friday, September 7th, 2007

So what is the best size for an article that you can use to market your business?
Is it really important to have a very lengthy article? Will your clients only hire you if your article is longer than someone’s PhD dissertation? Will your clients actually read an entire article if it is over 10 pages in length?

It is not extremely important to have a very lengthy article. Of course, a very short article, such as 2-3 paragraphs will not do. In fact, many article directories have minimums when it comes to article length, and they will not post your article if it is too short.

However, it is also not good to have a very long article. While you may have a lot of knowledge to share, a very long article is too much for your readers to read. If you started writing articles and you have too much material for one article, split the material, write two articles and get double the exposure :)

So what size should your article be? A page to a page to a page and a half is best. Some article directories do not accept articles that are under 500 words, so you want to be a bit above that.

For more information on using article marketing to promote your business online, get my Complete Step By Step Article Marketing Course

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What If Services Clients Can’t Afford Your Rates?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

This is a question that comes up often with my clients.

Many coaches I know want to help many people that need their help, but can’t afford their one-on-one coaching rates. At the same time, coaches still need to make enough money to pay their mortgage and afford other things that their families need.

So how can you marry the two and come up with a win-win solution for everyone? You should do that by offering products and programs in different price ranges.

There are many people who need help, but can’t afford your services. There are thousands of them out there. If you only work with them one-on-one, you can’t help too many of them and you will not have as much time to work with your regular rate clients, the clients whose fees are helping you pay your mortgage.

Instead of doing that, create programs and products in different price ranges. Here is how:

Create group coaching calls for people who can’t afford your one-on-one services. More people will be able to afford these and they will still get the benefit of being coached by you.

Create a membership web site for your customers. I love this, and this is how many of my clients have chosen to work with me. They are members of my members-only web site, where they have access to my coaching, teleseminars and expertise at a price much lower than my one-on-one coaching.

Create and teach teleseminars. This is another great way to help more people in a shorter amount of time.

Write an ebook or create other products, again more lower priced products to help more people.

Your products and teleseminars will enable you to help thousands of people, while still being able to generate revenue.

You can learn how to create products in my Complete Step By Step Information Products Guide available at

Biana Babinsky