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Is Defining A Target Market Important?

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Many times my clients ask me how defining a target market has helped my business grow. I have been working with my target market for a long time. My target market are service professionals – coaches, consultants, virtual assistants and other service professionals. I help them get more web site traffic and more clients online.

Defining a target market has been extremely helpful and profitable for my business. Once I knew exactly who my target market was, it became much easier for me to find my target market online, network with it and bring my target market to my web site.

Here is some advice for you if you are struggling with defining a target market or a niche for your business:

A target market are people who need, want and can afford your products and services. Remember, all three have to hold — they people you want to work with have to need, want and be able to afford what you offer.

I have seen many business owners making a mistake by using two out of three — they find people who need and want, but can’t afford what they have, or they market to people who don’t necessarily want what they offer, even though they need it.

Another consideration I recommend looking into are the people you like to work with. Look at your past clients and see which clients would you like more of.

These are usually the clients who you enjoyed working with, who got results from working with you and who had no problem paying your fee. These are usually the clients you want more of. So start
looking at them — are they a part of a specific group?

Where can you meet more people from this group? How can you market to people from this group? Once you answer these questions, you will have a target market, and some ideas about marketing to it!

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Biana Babinsky

Life Coach Training: Two Life Coaching Niches?

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Are you a life coach who wants to work with two completely different niches? You are just starting out in life coaching and you really want to help two completely different groups of people. Is it a good idea of a bad idea?

If you are just starting out with life coaching, and you are not sure how many niches you should have, you should start with just one niche. Having one niche will make marketing and getting clients much easier.

I always recommend to my clients to pick one niche in the beginning and concentrate on it for a while. It takes time to become known to your niche, get your marketing going and get known.

Your goal is to be seen as an expert by your niche, you want them to know you, like you and trust you. You want to build a list with many people in your niche as subscribers, you want to write articles that your niche will read, start a blog, etc. It will be impossible to do this effectively for two different target markets at once.

I recommend deciding on one niche for now, starting a web site and starting to promote yourself to your niche. You can revisit having a second niche after sometime, but start marketing your life coaching business to one niche for now.

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Biana Babinsky