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Show your Expertise by Blogging

Thursday, June 16th, 2005

How does blogging help you with creating passive income streams? While there are a few different ways to do so, I recommend that you use your business blog to showcase your expertise.

As an expert in your field, you have a lot to discuss with your readers. There are articles that you have written or others in the field have written. Your comments about them are valuable to your readers.

There are industry news, that you might know about, that you want your readers to know about as well.

Have you achieved something recently, received an award or gave a great speech? Share this with your readers – all of these facts establish you further as an expert, and help you get more readers to your blog.

What about new products? Share your new products, teleclasses and others events with your readers – they might be interested in more information about your products and offerings.

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Biana Babinsky
Online Business and Marketing Coach

What is Passive Income?

Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

What is passive income?

Let’s look an example:

Hourly Expert charges $150/hour and is booked about 50 hours/month. This expert makes $150 * 50 = $7,500/month before expenses.

Diverse Income Expert charges $150/hour and is booked about 35 hours/month. However, this expert also does monthly teleseminar with 30 people, where the expert charges $40 to attend, and this expert also sells about $1,000 worth of products(books, e-books, digital reports, CDs) from his web site every month. This expert makes $150 * 35 + $40 * 30 + $1,000 = 7,450/month before expenses.

The Diverse Income Expert spends 35 hours/month working with clients, while the Hourly Expert spends about 50 hours/month. However, Diverse Income Expert makes pretty much as much money as Hourly Expert. Why? Because Diverse Income Expert has created multiple streams of income. Moreover, if the Hourly Expert goes on vacation for a week, his income stops. If the Diverse Income Expert goes on vacation, he is still making money through sales and seminar sign-ups.

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Affiliate Marketing as your Passive Income Stream

Friday, June 10th, 2005

Do you have an affiliate program to sell your products and services? If not, you might be missing on a very good income stream for your business.

What is an affiliate program? It is a program that you use to hire commissions only online salespeople (your affiliates) and pay them money only when they make a purchase. Many coaches and consultants come to me telling me that they wish they had a commissions only sales person to sell their seminars, teleclasses, ebooks and reports. However, when I ask them if they have an affiliate program they say no.

I have worked with many business owners, who run affiliate programs, and for many the affiliate program has created a wonderful venue for extra sales.

Here is an example of an affiliate program: Online Marketing Affiliate Program at

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