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More On MySpace and Marketing

Monday, July 31st, 2006

After I posted a message on Multiple Streams of Income, with one the examples in the message being a person who got their start at MySpace, I found this message on Andy Wibbles’ Blog, titled Slashdot Geeks Skeptical About MySpace Traffic Claims. Also, take a look at the SlashDot’s Summary of Users Comments on MySpace

Yes, some people doubt the traffic numbers. Yes, MySpace might not have the best design on the Internet. But the proof is in the pudding – the web site WORKS, it attracts its target market, and lots of it. And it is getting heaps of FREE publicity while doing that.

Multiple Streams of Income

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Many of my clients ask me how to make money online. Everyone is looking for fun, original ideas to implement and make money. Moguls of New Media article in Wall Street Journal talks about just that – how different people leverage the Internet to make money.

Amond them is a popular member of an online community MySpace, podcasters, bloggers and creators of online videos. Many people are looking for entertainment online, so if you can create a video that becomes popular, it will be watched by thousands and thousands of people.

What I like about all the people mentioned in the article is that are diversifying their income streams. They have created different income streams – they make in-person appearances, take advertising for their content, sell subscriptions, sell content, speak, and much more. They realize that one venture, however popular, is not enough for continued success. Therefore, they diversify and create multiple streams of income, while doing what they love to do.

And, even though they make plenty of money now, they still continue to diversify. So if people who command thousands of video views and have very popular podcasts, are still interested in diversifying further, what does that tell all the online business owners and solopreneurs?

It tells us that creating multiple streams of income is what all the successful business owners do. In order to succeed, we need to be diversifying and have different ways to produce revenue. For example, a business owner should have revenue streams coming from one-on-one work, as well as group work, speaking engagements, subscription sales, books sales, ebooks and reports sales, audio and video content sales and more. Only when you have different products to offer to your clients, will you be able to create the revenue that you are looking for.

Biana Babinsky

Biana Babinsky is the online business consultant, expert and author, who helps coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, professional organizers and other solopreneurs create multiple streams of income at

Linking Directly To Your Products

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

I had lots of fun teaching Article Marketing for Profits Teleclass last week. One of the things we discussed was the importance of linking directly to your product, newsletter, special bonus, from the resource box of the article.

Why should you link directly to the product, instead of the main page of your web site? As you know, I always recommend to make your marketing as targeted as possible. You can do that very easily with article marketing – when you write an article on a particular topic, and offer a gift or a product in the resource box, related to the article’s theme, you are doing targeted article marketing. Since your article reader is interested in the article’s topic, offering a gift or a product related to the article increases the possibility that the reader will actually click on the link in the resource box, and learn more about your product.

Let’s say your wrote an article about time management. The best bet for your resource box is to offer a link to a free or a for-fee product of yours about time management. If your article is on time management, and you offer a link to a product on networking, you will not get as many takers.

You can get lots more article marketing tips and tricks in my Article Marketing Audio Guide.

Biana Babinsky

Biana Babinsky is the online business consultant, expert and author, who can help coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, professional organizers and other solopreneurs get more clients through article marketing. Get marketing advice directly from Biana at

New Online Business Rules: The Long Tail

Friday, July 28th, 2006

In his article in Wall Street Journal, It May Be a Long Time Before the Long Tail Is Wagging the Web, Lee Gomes is discussing Chris Anderson’s new book, “The Long Tail.” Lee says that”

“The book argues that while traditional companies are limited by shelf space to offering only a relatively small number of “hits,” on the Web, they can carry a vastly bigger number of slower-selling items. These “misses,” which make up the “tail” of the title, can, he says, add up to a big number — maybe even bigger than sales of the hits.”

So far, so good, right? Does this mean that anyone can publishing an e-book or a report on pretty much anything, and make money selling it? Can we all write a song each, submit it to iTunes and profit?

But Lee says that:

“By Mr. Anderson’s calculation, 25% of Amazon’s sales are from its tail, as they involve books you can’t find at a traditional retailer. But using another analysis of those numbers — an analysis that Mr. Anderson argues isn’t meaningful — you can show that 2.7% of Amazon’s titles produce a whopping 75% of its revenues. Not quite as impressive.”

So, what does this tell you? I think noone would argue with me when I saw that knowing what your clients want, and catering to these wants will produce the “hits”, the best-selling products everyone is looking for.

But how about “misses”? How can a small business owner profit from misses? Small business owners typically don’t have the same amount of traffic as Amazon does. They would be able to sell a few of their “misses”, but selling just a few of a product will not be profitable in the long run.

My recommendations? Strive to create as many “hits” as possible – those will be profitable for your business.

Biana Babinsky

Biana Babinsky is the online business consultant, expert and author, who can help you make money with your custom products online. Get marketing advice directly from Biana at

How To Promote Custom Products

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

If you make custom, one of a kind pieces, such as paintings, jewelry, home decor, or any other, you may want to sell them. So how do you do that? And, more importantly, how do you do it online?

Custom work could sell if it is promoted to the right target market. Custom work usually takes a lot of time to complete, and as a result, has a high price. This means that a good target market for such custom work is probably and upscale target market. Pricing your products correctly is very important when you want to earn money and appeal to your target market at the same time.

Here are the steps to take to promote your custom products online:

Define a good target market for the custom products
Create a web site with the look and feel to appeal to the chosen target market
Promote the web site heavily using search engine optimization, blogging and other online marketing techniques

Biana Babinsky
Biana Babinsky is the online business consultant, expert and author, who can help you make money with your custom products online. Get marketing advice directly from Biana at

An Income Stream For You

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

As you may know, I am a big proponent of having multiple streams of income. I have diversified my own income streams – I do a lot of coaching/consulting, but I also have ebooks, audio recordings and teleseminars.

Why is it important to have multiple streams of income? Because if all of your income comes from coaching/consulting and working one on one with clients, your income is limited. There are just so many hours in a day, and they put a limit on the amount you earn. However, by creating multiple streams of income, and selling products, in addition to services, you can increase your profits, without increasing the time spent on generating them.
Ready for a new income stream for your solopreneurs business? I help other business owners add another income stream to their business. Many business owners have created a passive income stream by selling my products. They are earning money by inviting their colleagues and newsletter subscribers to my teleseminars, or posting information about my latest ebooks and programs.
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How To Increase Search Engine Traffic

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

Over 70% of the Internet users use search engines to locate products and services they are interested in. This means that over 70% of your customers use search engines to locate YOUR products and services. Many of my newsletter subscribers and clients have found me using search engines. So if your business web site does not show up on search engines, you are missing out on a lot of valuable exposure.

So how do you get your web site to show up in search engines? This is a two-step process:

Step 1. Optimize your web site for search engines.
Step 2. Get links to your web site from other web sites. Many search engines put emphasis on links to your web site. Search engines assume that your web site has useful information if many other web sites link to yours. This results in better search engine rankings for your site.

Why do search engines place an emphasis on links to your web site when determining your search engine rankings? Since other web site owners are responsible for linking to your web site, it is more difficult for you to manipulate these links. Unless you provide other incentives to do so, no one will link to your web site if they don’t think that your web site provides useful information. Even if you contact people and request to exchange links, many people would ignore your request. Getting links to your web site from quality web sites takes a lot of time, effort and hard work.

But there is a much easier way of getting links to your web site. It is called article marketing. In fact, people will ask whether they can link to you. I get article re-printing requests almost every day. Every time someone re-prints my article, they also include a link back to my web site. You can learn all about using articles to improve your search engine rankings during tomorrow’s Article Marketing for Profits Teleseminar.

Writing articles is a viral way to generate links to your web site. To take full advantage of the viral nature of article marketing, submit your articles to many article directories. Once your articles are listed in the directories, web site and blog publishers will pick them up from the directories and publish them. There is no additional effort required on your part No more begging others to exchange links with you and no more waiting for web sites
to link to you. Once you start writing articles on a regular basis, you will get hundreds of people linking to you. If you search for my name, “Biana Babinsky” in Google, you will see thousands of results. Many of these results come from people reprinting my articles and linking back to my web site.

Tomorrow, during the Article Marketing for Profits Teleseminar I will teach you how to use article marketing to get more clients and sell more products. Here is what you will learn:

– Why article marketing is one of my favorite online marketing techniques, and how I use it to gain clients

– How to leverage your articles to get more search engine traffic

– How to leverage your articles and use them over and over again to create teleseminars, e-books and special reports

and much, much more.

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Biana Babinsky

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How To Start Writing An Ebook

Monday, July 24th, 2006

Does the idea of writing an e-book seem like a huge task? The secret to creating an e-book is to break the process into smaller steps. To start, you need a plan. When I sit down to write, I usually have a topic, an outline, and an idea of how long the piece is going to be. Having these three pieces of information in advance keeps me focused on writing, and not on planning or making topic and length decisions.

So how do you do the preliminary work and decide on topic, outline and length? Here is how:

1. Choose A Topic. What are your clients already interested in? If many of your clients are interested in a particular topic, it will make a perfect theme for an e-book.

2. Create an Outline. It is very important to create an outline for your product – it guides you through your writing, and it gives you an idea of the expected length of the finished product, and it helps you include all the information into your product. Somewhere between five and ten sections is ideal.

3. Select a Length. Your outline and topic(s) should give you a good idea of a length for your project. Given 2-4 pages per section in your outline, you now have 10-40 pages for your finished product.

You are now ready to write your e-book! To learn the five steps of creating, marketing and selling your e-book, get my “5 Steps to Creating Your First Ebook” special report.

Biana Babinsky

Online Marketing Secret – Article Marketing

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Every time I speak about online marketing, I get many questions on how to get their name out there, get more newsletter subscribers and clients. To achieve many of these things I use article marketing. Here is why:
- Your Potential Clients Search For Your Online Before Hiring You. Many people use search engines to find information about professionals, they want to hire. If you search for my name in quotes, “Biana Babinsky”, in Google, you will find thousands of results. Many of the results are due to me writing and publishing articles online. When potential clients search for me online, these results give me credibility.

- Publishing Articles Online Promotes Your Expertise. When your potential clients read your articles, they consider you an expert. It is much easier to sell your products and services to people, who consider you an expert.

- You Can Use Your Articles To Get Better Search Engine Rankings. Better search engine rankings bring more targeted search engine traffic to your web site, and more traffic means more newsletter subscribers and more sales for your business.

Article marketing is one of my secret weapons to sell my products and services. Want to learn how I use it? Join me for the Article Marketing For Profits Teleseminar

How Do People Use Your Ebooks?

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Want to sell more ebooks? Make sure they are formatted to suit your target customers! When you know how people will use your ebook, you will be able to format it properly, to make their experience great. Happy customers = recommendations = more sales.
For example, if you write an e-book about building birdhouses, I would expect people to print it out and use it that way. I would not expect them to keep running from the garage, where they are building the birdhouse, to the computer every time they need instructions.

On the other hand, my e-book, Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course, is about marketing a business online. It lists lots of links and resources, that are clickable. Therefore, my clients get the most out of it when they are reading it on the computer, so that they are able to click over to the links and resources.

How are your ebooks formatted?

Biana Babinsky

Biana Babinsky is the online business consultant, expert and author, who teaches solopreneurs and online business owners how to get more clients and make more money online. Get marketing advice directly from Biana at