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Is Coaching Shifting to Multiple Streams of Income?

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

There is definitely a shift from just one-on-one coaching to one-on-one coaching + products approach. This is the approach I use and the approach I teach to my own clients, many of who are coaches.

Here are a few reasons why:

– There is a finite number of hours in a week, and this number of hours limits the number of one-on-one clients I can take on. And remember, working with someone one-on-one is not just the coaching time. I also spend the time to prepare for every session. I also provide unlimited e-mail support in-between sessions. All of this takes time.

– I want to help as many people as possible, and that is just not possible if I were to offer one-on-one coaching only. Again, there are just so many hours I can spend working, which limits the number of people I can work with.

– Not all of my clients can afford the one-on-one rates, but many more can afford my teleseminars, e-books and group online business coaching program. Therefore by offering the products, I am helping more people and am able to bring in more revenue.

– Reaching more people really helps me in the long run. My one-on-one clients refer people who buy my products, and someone who bought my e-book a while ago referred a potential coaching client.

– My products help me create marketing opportunities with others – through joint teleseminars, my affiliate program, and lots of other cooperative marketing opportunities and events. I would not be able to do lots of these things (and bring in revenue!) if I only had my one-on-one coaching to offer.

I enjoy one-on-one work I do, and I love to see my clients succeed. But having products helps me have more flexible hours, not work as much, and help many more people.

Biana Babinsky

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Stop Wasting Time And Start Getting Clients When Networking Online

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

A new article is now posted, Stop Wasting Time And Start Getting Clients When Networking Online.

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Biana Babinsky

Biana Babinsky is the online business consultant, expert and author, who helps coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, professional organizers and other solopreneurs use online marketing to get more clients online. Learn more about her marketing training program at

Marketing Your Coaching Business With Your Blog

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

My blog is an excellent marketing tool for me, and it brings leads and clients to my business.

Sometime ago, my recommendation to clients was to have a web site, that has information about a business (services, products, newsletter, articles, etc), and a blog, used to communicate with potential clients. However, now some blogging software (WordPress, for example), let’s you create web pages, as well as a blog. This really blurred the lines between web sites and blogs and let’s you create whatever you need, using that software.

My recommendation is to start blogging, and provide useful and interesting posts that your target market would want to read.
The purpose of your blog is to get people who are in your target market to read your posts and enter your sphere of influence. Traffic from search engines does not cost any money, and it is a great way to get potential customers to your blog.

Treat each one of your blog posts as a separate file to be optimized for search engines. Use a keyword research tool to find phrases that are related to the main subject of the post, and weave them into the content of the post.

My e-book, Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course contains lessons on effective business blogging, as well as keyword research and search engine optimization.

Biana Babinsky
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Web 2.0 – The New Online Marketing?

Monday, August 28th, 2006

So many people have been talking about Web 2.0, the new way of marketing online, etc, etc. Web 2.0 is all about promoting your business to people, and using user-driven marketing. For example, online networking sites, person to person marketing (that happens on those sites), viral marketing, etc.

Online users are getting more and more sophisticated and want to be in things. They create blogs to talk about their favorite products, they network online to meet others, they tag and digg things they like online, and share them with others.

How are YOU using Web 2.0 to promote your products and services? Here are a few examples:

– Participating in online networking

– Connecting with your target market online

– Doing online branding

– Blogging and Tagging

– Running an affiliate program

Biana Babinsky

Biana Babinsky is the online business consultant, expert and author, who helps coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, professional organizers and other solopreneurs use Web 2.0 to get more clients online. Learn more about her marketing training program at

If Online Networking Is NOT Bringing Results, STOP Networking

Monday, August 28th, 2006

If you are spending time networking online and not getting any clients, STOP NETWORKING ONLINE. That’s right – you should stop wasting your time. I always tell my clients that if what you are doing is not bringing clients, you should either stop doing that, or learn how to it right.
I have met hundreds of solopreneurs, who have told me that they have spent countless hours networking online on different forums, and they did not land a single client from their efforts. Why do they keep doing it then?

When I work with my clients, we constantly evaluate different online marketing techniques they use, and how many leads and clients they bring in every day. We refine them, and we drop some, so that we can concentrate on he efforts that bring the most customers for the same amount of work. If you want to work fewer hours, while still making full time income, you need to maximize the returns, while minimizing the hours you actually spend working.

Therefore, if your online networking efforts are not bring in the results you want, you should do the following:

Evaluate your online networking strategy. Are you networking with your target customers? Are you networking in groups visited by your target customers?

Understand your online networking goals. You need to be very clear on what your networking goals are, and what it will take to reach them.

Re-define your online networking strategy. You need to change your strategy in order to get RESULTS from networking online.
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* The very first step you must take to establish yourself as a credible expert, while networking online

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Successful Online Marketing System

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Many people have asked me about my Online Marketing System – what do I do and how do I do to keep my business successful, and keep customers coming to me every day.

I have created Biana’s Successful Online Marketing System, that consists of three steps:

Step 1. Create a web site, that is irressistable to your target customers.

Step 2. Populate your web site with products and services that your target market wants to buy.

Step 3. Use online marketing techniques to drive qualified traffic to your web site every single day.

A lot of different things go into each step. Of course, in order to create a web site that your target market will love, you need to know what your target market needs. This involves target market research, surveys and much more.

Same goes for your products and services – you need to KNOW what your target market needs in order to come up with products and services they want.

And when you need to drive traffic to your web site, you need to know exactly how to use search engine optimization, when to start business blogging and how to use articles in order to get clients to your web site.

You can use Biana’s Successful Online Marketing System to get a successful online business, or you can speed up the process and create a successful online business much faster with my Online Business and Marketing Coaching.

Home Based Businesses

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Recently many people have been looking to start a home based business. Whether you are just looking for an extra income to pay off a few bills, or a new full time career, there are some things to consider.

A business is a business. Whether it is online, home based, brick and mortar or any other form of business, you have to work hard to get your business to be successful. You have to know how to market, do your own PR, do business development and handle everything from sales to business development.

If you are starting a business for profit, and not as a hobby, you need to be able to have adequate time to spend working on your business. There are many things that go into running a successful business, and you need to know how to do them and do them right.

Here are things to consider, as you are starting your business:

– Do your homework. If a business opportunity sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Do your research, ask as many questions as you can and find out as much information as possible, before signing on the dotted line.

– Interested in selling others’ products? If yes, then a sales job with a direct sales company or affiliate marketing might be something you want to explore. You set your own hours, and you sell products that already have brand name recognition. To sell very popular ebooks, audio recordings and special reports, join the Affiliate Program.

The downside is that the companies usually have sale minimums you have to meet every month, and, since the brands are so recognizable, there is a lot of competition. Still, if you are good in sales and love the products, you will be able to succeed.

Tupperware, Avon, all of these are direct sales companies, and you can usually sign up and start selling their products really fast. Search for them on your favorite search engine.

– Do you want to run your own business, sell your own products or services? Do you have a passion for something? Maybe you loved what you did at one of your old jobs, or have a hobby that you could turn into a business. Explore turning your passion into a business; it is great to do what you love for a living.

The upside is that it is your product, and you know it and you love it. The downside is that you have no brand recognition – you are starting everything, including marketing, from scratch.

Consider all of the different options available to you before making a decision about starting your business. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Good luck!

Learn how to start and run a successful home business., the online business community for solopreneurs is an excellent resource to learn how to market your home based business online, get more customers and make more money.

New Blogs Versus Old Blogs

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Question: Can a new, often updated blog overtake its older, more established competitor in search engine rankings?

Answer: There are three issues that are at play here:

1) SEO you do

2) SEO your competitors do

3) Search engine algorithm

Given that noone(except the search engine developers) know the exact algorithm, it is not possible to guarantee top search engine placement or to guarantee that one web site will be placed better than another web site. On top of this, Google changes its algorithm on a regular basis, and every time there is a change in the algorithm, there is a corresponding change in web sites’ rankings.

Having said that, fresh content, using linking effectively and good SEO techniques, will help you improve your blog’s standing over time. My Step by Step Search Engine Optimization Special Report will help you better undestand Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and do SEO for your web site and blog.

Biana Babinsky

Biana Babinsky is the online business consultant, expert and author, who helps coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, professional organizers and other solopreneurs use their blogs and web site statistics to market better online. Learn how to get more clients using search engines in her Step by Step Search Engine Optimization Special Report

How To Find Time To Market And Work With Clients

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

A business owner recently asked me how to devote time to marketing (and get results from marketing) and still have enough time left to work with existing clients and create products.

Here are my recommendations:

– With your client work, schedule your time and don’t procrastinate. When you have scheduled 2 hours to do client work, spend the 2 hours to do just that. No checking e-mail, no phone calls – just do the work you need to get done. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish in just 2 hours if you stick to your plan.

– When you are marketing, spend some time learning about an online marketing technique, what the implications of using it are, what results to expect, etc. Then, break the techniques into bite-sized chunks you can do, and schedule those chunks. You will be able to accomplish much more when you understand the techniques, and know what results to expect from them.

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Article Marketing Tips

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

There are quite a few web sites to submit your articles to. However, just submitting articles is not enough; in order to get more web site traffic and clients by publishing articles, you need to make sure that:

Your articles promote your expertise. If your articles are not reflecting the expertise you want to promote, you will not the results you want from them.

Your resource box must be powerful. The resource box at the end of the article is what will get people to come to your web site and learn about you. Make sure that your resource box can drive traffic to your web site.

You submit articles on a regular basis. Article marketing is not a one time event, but a process. By writing articles and submitting them on a regular basis, you will get results.

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