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Complete Step By Step Information Products Guide

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Why did you start your own business?

Did you start it to be your own boss, make more money and work flexible hours? But are you working longer hours, enjoying less free time and earning less money instead?

Does This Describe Your Life?

You are not taking vacations. If you went on vacation, you wouldn’t be getting paid, and you can’t afford to take a week or two off without pay.

You are working weekends and holidays. A Sunday is the same as a Tuesday when you’re trying to meet project deadlines.

You have no time to spend with your family. You feel forced to take every project that comes along, because you need to continue making money. As a result, you end up working long hours and your family life suffers.

This is vicious cycle – you believe you need to work all the time, because if you stop working, your revenue will dry up.

I have been there too. Back in the 1990’s I started doing web site design and marketing consulting because I wanted to run my own business, be my own boss, and have more flexible hours. Instead, I worked very long hours, worked almost every weekend, and had absolutely no free time. After a while, I was exhausted, and was considering not having my own business at all.

Eventually, I took some time off to think and restructure my business. I decided that when I went back to my business, I wanted to work flexible hours, take weekends off, be able to go on vacation and have lots of time to spend with family and friends.

I realized that the only way to have a profitable business and still enjoy flexible hours and quality of life was by creating multiple streams of income.

What Are Multiple Streams Of Income?

When your one-on-one work is your only source of income, you have to work constantly. When you don’t work, you have no money coming in.

The best part about multiple streams of income is that they can earn you money while you are not working. Imagine checking your e-mail in the morning and seeing orders that came overnight, while you were sleeping. Imagine being on vacation and getting a phone message from your assistant telling you that you sold $900 worth of your products while you were at the beach. All of this is possible if you have multiple streams of income.

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Here Is What You Will Learn In The Complete Step By Step Information Products Guide:

The very first step you must take to start creating multiple streams of income

– The sure way to find the most profitable product ideas. It is much easier than you think.

– The nuts and bolts of how creating products can help you make money while you are spending time with your family

The sure way to find the people who want, need and can afford your products and to get them to your web site

– Advice on using online marketing techniques to drive more web site traffic to your products

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You can ask me, the author of this guide, as many questions as you would like, and I will answer every single one of them.

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The Complete Step by Step Information Products Guide contains information that I have collected and perfected in the last nine years of marketing online. Right now I am charging just $37 for the Guide, but the price will go up soon. Act now to get the Guide and bonus at this ridiculously low price of just $37!

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Biana Babinsky

Online Advertising Or Online Marketing?

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Many people ask me to recommend good places to advertise their business online. Instead of always looking for advertising media and testing it, I recommend marketing the web site online, finding your audience, having it subscribe to your newsletter and continuously marketing to your audience. This will dramatically improve your return on investment and help you create a loyal following interested in what you have to offer. Here is how to do that:

– Define your target audience

– Create a newsletter that your web site visitors can subscribe to

– Using online marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization, article marketing, business blogging to drive your audience to your web site, and have it subscribe to your newsletter

Now use your newsletter and other innovative strategies to continuously promote the products. Feel free to contact me for more information – I coach business owners on using online marketing strategies to get clients.

To learn all the online marketing techniques, step-by-step, get the Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course.

Biana Babinsky
Online Business Coach, Expert and Author

How To Start Promoting A Service Business Online

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

I get a lot of e-mail from people who are in the process of starting a service business and need to get clients. Starting a business is a HUGE undertaking – you need to take care of finances, PR, sales, administrative tasks and much more. But you really NEED to drive clients to your business. Without clients, you business will not be able to exist for long.

Here is what you should start doing in order to drive more customers to your service buisness:

Define your target market, people who want, need and can afford your services. Where can you meet these people?

Create a web site with information about your products and services that would appeal to your target market

Start an e-mail list, so that you can share tips with your target audience and collect their e-mail addresses for future marketing

Start using search engine optimization and other marketing methods to drive traffic to your web site

Do you need more ideas for business owners just starting a service business? Here is a FREE Tutorial, How To Market Your Coaching Business

How To Market And Stay True To Yourself

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Many clients have asked me the same question. They know that they need to get out there and market themselves in order to get more clients, but at the same time they want to stay true to who they are and how they work. They don’t want to be like a used car salesman, they want to be genuine. But at the same time, of course, they want to sell their products and services.

So, what can they do? First thing is first – they need to find out exactly who their target market is. These are the people you want, need and can afford their services.

Now they need to put together a web site to showcase their products and services to their target market and start building their mailing list and marketing. There are many marketing techniques, and they don’t require hard selling or not being genuine.

For example:

– How about a free report that you can give away to your new newsletter subscribers in order to build your list?

– How about writing articles and submitting the to article directories?

– How about search engine optimization to drive clients who are already interested in what you have to offer?

No one uses ALL marketing techniques all the time. I would recommend that you become very clear as to who your target market is, and start driving it to you list and your web site, using marketing techniques that you are comfortable with.

Biana Babinsky
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FREE Teleseminar: Make Money With Information Products

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Join us for the Make Money With Information Products Teleseminar, with Biana Babinsky, part of the Business Conversations with Biana Babinsky Teleseminar Series on October 5th at 8pm Eastern Time.

Are you are a coach, consultant or solopreneur who wants to increase business profits, while working fewer hours?

How would you like to have other people recommend you and your products and services to their colleagues?

You want to be able to make money, while you are on vacation?

I great news for you! You can achieve all of above by creating information products and selling them online! Join me for the Make Money With Information Products Teleseminar and start learning how to create a products empire that will take your business to a whole new level!

Learn How To Make Money With Information Products

Here is what you will learn during this information-packed teleseminar:

The very first step you must take to start creating products

– Exactly how to quickly and easily determine which products will be the most profitable

– The critical information about what makes people buy your products

The nuts and bolts of how to create different information products

Advice about the real techniques to make money with your information products

And much more.

What If You Can’t Make It On October 5th?

If you can’t join us on October 5th at 8pm Eastern Time, register for the teleclass anyway, and you will be able to download the teleclass recording absolutely FREE, once the teleseminar is over.

This teleseminar will be recorded.

About Biana Babinsky: Biana Babinsky is the online business coach, expert and author. She helps coaches, consultants, solopreneurs and business owners promote their expertise, create information products and sell them online to increase profits. She is the author of numerous e-books and special reports, and has created multiple streams of income for herself and many clients.

Price: Free

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Tame Procrastination For Good! Teleseminar

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Join us for Tame Procrastination For Good! Teleseminar on September 28th at 8pm Eastern Time.

– Do you find yourself up against deadlines, burning the midnight oil, and yet you wasted time earlier?

– Do you wish you could Tame Procrastination For Good and be more productive?

– Are you tired of missing opportunities?

Join us for this information-packed Teleseminar with Time Management/Process Improvement Expert, Mary McDonald, will show us how to organize ourselves to stamp out procrastination in our lives.

Here is what you learn during this information-packed teleseminar:

* The root of procrastination

* The very first step you must take to tame procrastination

* Time stealers — and how to avoid them

* Tips and tricks to help you stay focused and productive

* The nuts and bolts of implementing a system that will get procrastination under control

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About Our Speaker, Mary McDonald

Mary F. McDonald is internationally renowned as a process improvement expert and author. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and talks on the topics of productivity, process improvement, and interpersonal skills, and is the CEO/CTO of the McDonald Consulting Group since 1995. She holds multiple certifications in Quality, Auditing, and Project Management, and brings her unique blend of extensive expertise and real-world examples to this teleseminar.

What If You Can’t Make It On September 28th?

If you can’t join us on September 28th at 8pm Eastern Time, register for the teleseminar anyway, and you will receive the recording of the teleseminar on Friday, September 29th.

The recording will be sold after the teleseminar for $27, but if you register now, you will get access to it for $19.

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Biana Babinsky

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Use Press Releases To Get Search Engine Traffic

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

A few days ago I had the pleasure of hosting Press Power 101 – Become a Powerhouse with the Media Telseminar with Diana Ennen. Diana told us that we can use Press Releases to get more search engine traffic to our web site.

To do that you need to find good keywords to use in your press release and then use keywords in the heading for the Press Release and in the body of the Press Release. When you submit the press release to press release web sites, they will be indexed by search engines, and then, people using your keywords to search will be able to find your press releases.

This way you can rank in search engines using your press releases. How cool is that?
Diana shared a lot more tips, including

– Nuts and bolts of maximizing the publicity for your business

– What makes reporters notice your press release and use it for an article

– How to use articles and press releases to market your business

– When to send a press release and when to send an article to maximize your chances for publicity

There are lots of tips on the recording of the call, that will help you market your business better with publicity.

For more information about getting more traffic with search engines, here is FREE Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

How To Pick A Good Domain Name For Your Business

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Are you starting a business and need a domain name for it?

I always recommend a .com, because .com are still known as business domains. And I don’t recommend hyphens, as they are hard to remember. Imagine when you have to tell people your web site’s name in person or on the phone. You will have to say: “Firstword, hyphen, secondword.” Too much stuff to remember – people will remember the first and second words, but are likely to forget the hyphen.

I always recommend to my clients to make sure that the domain for their business name is available, and grab it, when they are in the initial stages of naming a business. For coaches, consultants, writers and other business owners who need to promote their expertise, a domain that is a combination of their first name and last name might work.

Biana Babinsky

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How To Fill Up Your Teleclasses

Monday, September 11th, 2006

What is a teleclass? A teleclass is a class that you teach over the phone. To teach a teleclass, you need material to teach, participants for the class, and a bridge line to bring you and the participants together.
There are many services that would offer you a bridge lines for free and other services, such as recording (if you need it) for a fee. One of such web sites is

The companies that provide bridge lines only provide bridge lines. They don’t advertise your teleseminar to people. This means that you need to market your teleclass online in order to get participants, and make money by teaching teleclasses.

To fill up your teleclasses, you need to market your teleclasses online. I teach many popular, sold-out teleseminars, and here is what I recommend you do:

Be very clear on your target market. You need to know exactly you want to invite to the teleseminars; without knowing this, you will not be able to market your teleseminars effectively.

Create a mailing list for your business. Offer a special gift to everyone who subscribes (a free report, ebook, audio recording, etc). Send out interesting, helpful newsletter on a regular basis and let the subscribers know about your upcoming teleclasses.

Start a blog for your business, and let your blog readers know about your teleclasses.

For more tips on filling up your teleclasses, subscribe to my FREE Effective Online Marketing Newsletter. In it I share tips and ideas on promoting your business and teleclasses online.

Biana Babinsky

What Is An Opt-List?

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

An opt-in list is a great way to build a following for your product and business. It is also a great way to keep in touch with potential customers, let them know about new products/services you offer and share information.

Check out these providers:

Constant Contact, free 60 day trial

EzEzine, free for up to 1,000 sends/month

Once you have a list, you need to get subscribers to it. Take a look at my blog post, How To Increase The Number of Newsletter Subscribers

And for more tips on growing your opt-in list and marketing your business online, subscribe to my newsletter, Effective Online Marketing Newsletter.

Biana Babinsky

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