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Tomorrow: Make Thousands Of Dollars With Teleseminars

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


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Many adults go on vacation when their kids are off from school. Once the children go back to school is September, adults go back to life and work. This is why September is one of the best times to launch a new teleseminar or bring back one you have already done in the past.

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Online Marketing For Virtual Assistants

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Q: How can a virtual assistant get more clients online?

I have helped many virtual assistants get more clients and grow their businesses. Here is what I recommend:

Define your target market. Yes, all of this is going back to figuring out who your target market is. If you do not know who you want to work with, you will not be able to create an effective online marketing system for your virtual assistant business.

Create an effective online marketing message. What is your unique selling proposition? How do you help your clients? What benefits will they receive by working with you?

Create an effective web site around your target market. Having an effective web site is EXTREMELY important when you are doing business online. If your perfect clients come to your web site, but the web site does not convince them to hire you, they will go elsewhere. Make sure that your web site is good at marketing to your target market.

Go where your clients are. Now that you defined your target market, find it! Network in the groups where your target market networks, etc.

Use online marketing techniques – search engine optimization, article marketing, your own blog, etc – to promote your services and to drive traffic to your web site.

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Biana Babinsky

How To Partner To Promote Your Teleseminars

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Are you a coach, consultant or solo professional who wants to have others promote their teleseminars in exchange for commissions?
I have partnered with many web sites and business owners (including coaches) to promote my teleseminars, home study guides and e-books. This is a win-win situation for both of us – they make good money on selling my products (I pay 40% commissions on every sale!) and I receive client referrals that I would not have received otherwise.

The best way to do this is by starting an affiliate program for your teleseminars. Once you have your affiliate program setup, this web site can become your affiliate and promote your teleseminars.

You can usually setup the affiliate program through the shopping cart you are using. 1shoppingcart (or any of its re-branded versions), as well as Zen cart and OS commerce shopping carts have the affiliate capabilities.

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Biana Babinsky

Writing For Coaches

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Are you a coach? Are you writing articles, ebooks and reports?
Writing is an extremely powerful technique for a coach to use. We can write articles, create information products and promote ourselves in other ways using writing.

Here is an effective process I recommend to create your own articles:

Keep a running list of article topics. You may think of an article topics at all times – at the grocery store, while speaking to a client, when exercising, watching TV, etc. These are not good times to write the actual article, but you should write down the topic.

When you are ready to write an article, you already have a list of topics. Having the list saves you a lot of time that you can spend on the actual writing. Just pick a topic and start writing!

Remove the distractions when you write – don’t check your e-mail, let the phone calls go to voicemail, etc. Spend the time writing, and you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in 40-50 minutes or uninterrupted writing.

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Biana Babinsky

Lots Of Web Site Visitors, But No Buyers?

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

If you have lots of web site visitors from paid ads but no one is buying on your web site, here are some things that you should look into:

Are your web site visitors targeted? If people who come to your web site are not your target customers, they will not buy your products.

Are you showing them targeted products? If they click on your ad for a particular product, make sure that the page they see for that particular product, and not your main page.

Is your web site copywriting good? When your potential customers click over to your web site, they still need to be convinced to buy from you.

How good is your web copy?

Is your checkout process easy to use? Even if someone decided to buy from you, but your shopping cart to use, they will abandon it in the middle of the purchase.

Make sure that your checkout process is as easy as possible – have others test it for you.

I recommend testing and re-testing your process before you start spending money on the ads. If your web copy and checkout process are not working well, you will just be wasting your money on ads.

An alternative to the ads that I recommend is learning about free online marketing methods, such as article marketing, search engine optimization, business blogging and others. These are long term marketing strategies that you should learn, so that you can apply them over and over again to your business.

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Biana Babinsky

How Can Consultants Get Their Name Out There?

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Are you a consultant? Is it heard to get your name out there and drum up new business?

To get your name out, promote your business and get clients you need to create an online marketing plan that you can follow step-by-step. Here is what I recommend:

Start a mailing list for your business. Most of the people you come in contact with won’t buy from you the first time they hear about you. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, so that you can keep in touch with them and promote your business to them on a regular basis.

Publish your newsletter on a regular basis. People need to hear from you 7-10 times on average, before buying from you. Keep in touch on a regular basis and you will get MORE customers.

Get more newsletter subscribers. More subscribers means more buyers down the road. Promote your newsletter on a regular basis and take at least one action EVERY DAY to get more subscribers.

Get more web site traffic. MORE web site traffic translates into MORE buyers. Use search engine optimization, business blogging, article marketing and other techniques to get more traffic to your web site.

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Biana Babinsky

Which Blogging Platform Should You Use?

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Are you thinking about starting a blog to promote your business? There are many places to host it, and here are my recommendations to help you choose the best blogging platform for your business.

If you want to have a blog hosted by someone else, and not by your own web host, try It is very easy to use and you can set up a blog and start blogging in just a few minutes. However, since the blog will not be hosted on your web site, you will not own all the search engine rankings and other things that will come when you promote your blog.

If you are serious about blogging, and want to use it as a long term strategy to promote yourself and your business, you should get your own blogging software. I recommend getting blogging software from and installing it on your own server. The
software is available FREE and it is easy to install and use.

There are dozens of advantages of having a blog on your own web site:

You can control everything on your blog, from the marketing aspects to technical aspects

You can use any template you want and you can create a template that fits your web site, your brand and your image. There are lots of free templates available online as well.

You own the hosting, so no one can kick you out and shut down your blog one day

It looks much more professional – when people ask about your blog you can direct them to your own web site address, not some blogging site.

and there are lots more.

For more information on marketing your business with your blog, take a look at my Make Money With Blogging Home Study Guide at
In the Home Study Guide I discuss how to market your blog and how to use it to get clients for your business.

Biana Babinsky

Cannoli And Marketing

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Both my husband and I love cooking and entertaining. So when we had friends over for dinner a few weeks ago, we cooked the whole dinner from scratch. We made roasted eggplant and red peppers with fresh basil and garlic as an appetizer. The entree was chicken parmesan with pasta and we made a great summer salad to go with it. Our guests loved our cooking!

Dessert is a whole different thing, though. Neither one of us likes to bake or make dessert (we like to eat it, though), so for dessert we had excellent cannoli from my favorite bakery.

While we can cook tasty meals and enjoy doing it, we know that we don’t like baking. When it comes to dessert we outsource it to someone who knows how to do it and can do it better than we can. And by doing this we can concentrate on things we enjoy, such as cooking and spending time with our guests, while knowing that we had great cannoli waiting for us for dessert.

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Happy Restaurant Patrons Help With Marketing

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Last week we celebrated Independence Day here in the US. I took a few days off to spend some time outside and enjoy the summer.

We went to the lake during one of my days off. Chicago has a fabulous lakefront and in the summer we make sure that we take full advantage of it. We spent a few hours on the lake walking around and watching the wind play with the waves on the lake.

Walking makes you hungry, so after leaving the lake we started looking to a place to eat.
There is a ton of restaurants close to the shore and many of them offer outside dining in the summer. They simply take a few of the “inside” tables outside.

As we were walking by many different restaurants looking for places to eat, I noticed that I was more drawn to places that already had a few patrons sitting outside enjoying their meals. Why was that? They were talking, laughing and enjoying food. There was a message in it that if they were happy with their meal, so would I.

As you can see, happy customers will bring you more happy customers. So make sure that you ask for testimonials from people who are already happy with your products and services and use the testimonials on your sales pages. Doing this will help you convince more of your potential customers to become clients.

But what did we do? We ended up having a nice meal at one of the restaurants that already had happy patrons. Marketing works!

So what is going on this week? We had a great first session yesterday for the How To Make Thousands Of Dollars With Your Blog Teleseminar Series. We discussed how to start an effective blog, how to pick the right blogging tool and how to use your blog to brand your business.

Next week’s class will be all about promoting your blog and using it to get clients for your business.

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Biana Babinsky

The Best Way To Get MORE Newsletter Subscribers

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Did you know that the best way to get more clients and sell more products and services is by having many newsletter subscribers?

When you have many subscribers and you keep in touch with them on a regular basis, great things happen. You can let them know about your products and your upcoming events and you will get many sales and sign-ups.

The best way to grow your e-mail list without increasing your web site traffic is by creating an effective gift that you will give out to your new newsletter subscribers.

Everyone likes gifts, so when you offer your potential subscribers a gift, they are much more likely to subscribe to your newsletter. But that’s not all! When you offer your potential subscribers a gift that is effective and useful to them, you can triple the number of your subscribers without increasing your web site traffic!

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