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A Web Site, Fast

Friday, August 31st, 2007

If you need a simple web site and you are just getting started, you may want to look at free software available from

Word Press is actually blogging software, but there is more! This software also provides you with the ability to create static (non-blog) pages for your web site. So with this software you can have both a web site and a blog.

Updating a WordPress site is very easy – you do not have to know anything about web design to do that. You just type your post in and press a button, and your post or your page will appear on your web site.

I really like how all the pages are interconnected as well – this connectivity helps you attract more web site traffic using search engine optimization.

How To Increase Your Revenue In The Fall

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

It is hard to believe, but fall is about to start. If you are like many service professionals, then you didn’t do much business in the summer because many of your customers took summer vacations and didn’t buy products or services during the summer.

If many of your customers have taken long summer vacations, your revenue for the months of June, July and August was very low. To catch up, you need to start making money immediately in September.

To start earning more money now without waiting for more long term strategies to kick in, I have created a process that will help you get more sales from your existing web site visitors.

Discover the process to jump-start your sales in the fall during the “How To Increase Your Fall Revenue By Turning More Web Site Visitors Into Customers” Teleseminar.

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What If Services Clients Can’t Afford Your Rates?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

This is a question that comes up often with my clients.

Many coaches I know want to help many people that need their help, but can’t afford their one-on-one coaching rates. At the same time, coaches still need to make enough money to pay their mortgage and afford other things that their families need.

So how can you marry the two and come up with a win-win solution for everyone? You should do that by offering products and programs in different price ranges.

There are many people who need help, but can’t afford your services. There are thousands of them out there. If you only work with them one-on-one, you can’t help too many of them and you will not have as much time to work with your regular rate clients, the clients whose fees are helping you pay your mortgage.

Instead of doing that, create programs and products in different price ranges. Here is how:

Create group coaching calls for people who can’t afford your one-on-one services. More people will be able to afford these and they will still get the benefit of being coached by you.

Create a membership web site for your customers. I love this, and this is how many of my clients have chosen to work with me. They are members of my members-only web site, where they have access to my coaching, teleseminars and expertise at a price much lower than my one-on-one coaching.

Create and teach teleseminars. This is another great way to help more people in a shorter amount of time.

Write an ebook or create other products, again more lower priced products to help more people.

Your products and teleseminars will enable you to help thousands of people, while still being able to generate revenue.

You can learn how to create products in my Complete Step By Step Information Products Guide available at

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How Is Your Week?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Wow, the weather was crazy last week. We had heavy thunderstorms for a few days. Some areas have even experienced some flooding. I spent some time last week just watching the rain. At some point all you could see was water, water and more water coming down, non-stop.

After a few days the weather has changed completely. It was nice and sunny, but evidence of the recent downpour was everywhere. The grass and plants didn’t seem to mind the rain at all. The grass went from a very light green color that it usually turns in the summer to a brilliant bright green.

The weather is back to its usual summer heat, but fall is just around the corner. I am looking forward to leaves starting to turn bright yellow and red, as well as fall apples and pumpkins.

What’s going on this week? Today I am teaching the second class of the Make Thousands Of Dollars With Online Copywriting Teleseminar Series. Last week was our first class, during which I had taught the participants how to write an effective sales letter. Today we will talk about how to create effective copy for your main page, your newsletter page, your services page and other pages on your web site.

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How To Get More Clients Online

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Do you need MORE coaching, consulting or other type of service clients?

If you do, I recommend that you create a process for bringing leads and prospects to your business. That way you will have potential clients coming to your business every single day.

My free report, “Top Strategies To Get Coaching Clients Online” discusses how to use the Internet to get more clients.

Here is what the report will show you:

– Exactly how to make your web site get you more clients

- How to get more prospects to come to your business

– Real information on how to work less, while making more money

and much, much, much more

The report will show you how to use the Internet to get more clients to your web site.

You can get the report, FREE, at

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Use FREE Gift To Get Service Clients

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Q: How can you convince your potential clients to hire you?

A: By offering a taste of your expertise for free.

Giving away a small taste of your expertise for free is a very effective way to gain service clients. Since a service is a high ticket item, many of your potential clients spend time on shopping around, looking at different people who have the expertise that they need.However, if they already know you as an expert because they have sampled your expertise in the past, then hiring you as a service provider will be a much easier decision for them. They will not shop around looking at other experts – they will come directly to you.

This method of getting clients is easy and it works. The majority of my clients and buyers of my products have to come to me after they have sampled my free report, “Top Strategies To Get Clients Online and subscribed to my newsletter.

It is easy to create such sampling for your potential clients. Here is how:

Start A Newsletter to keep in touch with your potential customers. Make a subscription to the newsletter more attractive by offering a gift with subscription – a free product.

Find A Topic For Your Free Product. A good topic for such a product is a solution to a common problem that your target market has.

Decide On The Type Of A Free Product You Will Offer. There are many different types you can offer – e-course, e-book, special report, audio recording, etc. Make sure that whatever you offer you can create once and people can download it from your web site. This way you will be able to automate the whole process and it will be easy for you to reach many more prospects with this product.

Keep In Touch. Use the newsletter to share your expertise and keep in touch with people who request your free gift. These people will not become your clients immediately, but if you use your newsletter to continue sharing your advice and expertise, some of them will become your clients later on.

Learn more about getting clients online in my free special report, “Top Strategies To Get Clients Online that you can download at

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How To Publish Your Ebook Online

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

If you are thinking about publishing an ebook, now is the best time to do that! September is just around the corner, and in September many people will be looking for personal development and educational materials.

So if you have been thinking about creating an ebook, now is the perfect time to get started!

Here is the plan for publishing an e-book for you:

Write the e-book

Get the e-book proofread/edited

Decide on the format you want to publish the e-book in. I recommend using PDF format. PDF readers are freely available for different computers and operating systems, so whoever buys your e-books will be able to read them.

Decide on how you will sell the e-book on your web site. You will need to be able to accept credit card payment on your web site and, once they payment is processed, direct the buyer to the place where the buyer can download your e-book.

Decide how to market your e-book. If you want people to buy your e-book, you will need to market it.

There are many marketing methods to market your e-book. They include creating a blog around your e-book, article marketing, search engine optimization and many more.

Now put the pieces together and you are able to sell your own e-book online!

To learn more about publishing and marketing your ebook online, get the Make Thousands Of Dollars With E-books Home Study Guide at

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Convert Your Web Site Visitors Into Coaching Clients

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

If you are having trouble converting people who just found your web site on the Internet into paying coaching clients, you are not alone. It is hard for your prospects, who have
no prior relationship with you, to jump in and buy your coaching services that cost hundreds of dollars. They have concerns and are very ambivalent about paying that kind of money to someone they don’t know.

Many coaches I have worked with have trouble doing the same thing – converting people who just came to their web site into paying coaching clients. Fortunately, there is an easy solution for doing this. You need to help your prospects to get to know you before they contact you to become your coaching clients.

You should do that by creating a marketing funnel that you can “funnel” your prospects through. On top of your funnel should be your free gift – a report, an audio recording – something that your web site visitors can easily download from your web site.

Once they get your free gift and get on your newsletter list, they will start receiving your newsletter and they will start getting to know you. Once they have received your newsletter for some time, they may be ready to become a paying customer, but it is still too big of a commitment to them to pay for your coaching.

However, they will be much more comfortable paying for something under $100 – a long e-book, a teleseminar/teleseminar series, etc. So I recommend having a few products in your marketing funnel that your prospects can buy to sample your expertise. This serves two purposes – it increases your revenue and it helps your prospects sample working with you without paying your one-on-one fees.

If your potential clients contact you after they have sampled your newsletter and other products, there is no ambivalence and no struggle to get hired. They know who you are, they have a prior relationship with you and want to hire YOU. This is exactly how you want the process to work.

This is exactly how I get my one-on-one clients now. I have a very limited number of people I work with, and majority of them have been in my group mentoring program, have attended my seminars or bought my other materials. Since they have seen my expertise and what I do, they know what to expect and the value they get when we work one-on-one.

You can discover how to start building your marketing funnel by getting my free report, Top Strategies To Get Coaching Clients Online at

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Marketing For A Parenting Coach

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Are you a parenting coach who wants to get more clients online?

First, you should define who your target customers are. Of course, since you are a parenting coach, your target customers are parents. But what kind of parents are they? Do you work with all kids of parents? Or parents of young children? Parents of tweens? Parents of teens?

There are lots of parents out there, so there are huge parenting markets out there too. You may want to narrow your market a bit and decide which parents you want to work with.

Once you have defined your target market, see if you can speak to groups in your area that consist of parents in your target market.

You should also start a newsletter if you haven’t started one yet. When you do these group presentations many people will not be ready to hire you on the spot. So you will want to keep in touch with them, share resource and market to them in the future, so that they can hire you when you are ready.

In addition to doing all of this, you should create your own useful web site, where parents can find some free resources and subscribe to your newsletter. Again, not everyone who comes to your web site will want to work with you immediately, so by having a newsletter and keeping in touch with your web site visitors you will be able to turn more of them into clients later on.

To learn more about marketing your parents coaching business online and getting coaching clients using the Internet, join my online business mentoring program. There I teach coaches how to use the Internet to get clients. You may join at

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How To Create An Effective Marketing Message

Friday, August 17th, 2007

- How do you introduce yourself at a networking event?

– Can you name 2-3 main benefits that your clients will receive when they hire you?

If you use many “Ummms” at events or if you can’t outline what you do in terms of benefits to your potential customers, you are not going to get any clients using your marketing message.

I taught a class on creating an effective marketing message yesterday, so here are some tips to help you create an effective marketing message that will get you MORE clients:

Make your message all about your potential customers. At this point they don’t really care about who you are, or what you do. They want to know how what you do will benefit THEM.

You should also use more “you” and less “I”. It goes back to talking about your customers, not talking about yourself.

Make your message shorter. You can expand on it when people ask you follow-up questions, but until that happens use a shorter sound byte that explains your business in terms of benefits to your potential customers.

Speak in terms of benefits to the customers. All that your potential customers want to know is what’s in it for them and how your services will benefit them. Don’t make them wait – tell them exactly how your services will help them.

To learn how to create an effective marketing message for your business, get the How To Create A Marketing Message That Will Get You Clients Audio Recording at

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