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A Business Plan For Your Coaching Business

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Many people ask about how to create a business plan for a coaching business. Do you need one? How do you create one? Are there templates available?

To my clients I recommend the business plan to include:

– Your vision for your business

– Information/research for your industry

– Market research

– Your going forward plan for a year, at least.

– What you are looking to achieve.

What I find even more important for my clients is creating a marketing plan that helps them promote their coaching business.

Your marketing plan shows you specific actions you need to take to actually make your business vision a reality. I find that having a marketing plan is what motivates my clients to take action and start marketing themselves to get clients.

Your marketing plan should be specific. For example, if you are looking to get 20 clients in 10 months, your marketing plan should outline specific marketing actions that you are going to take that will get you 20 clients in 10 months. These marketing actions can be anything – building your list, search engine optimization, blogging, etc – as long as they help you achieve your goal of 20 clients in 10 months.

My How To Create An Effective Marketing Plan Audio Recording teaches you the step-by-step method of creating a marketing plan for your coaching business. It also includes a marketing plan template that you can use. You can get it at

Biana Babinsky

How To Make More Of Your Subscribers Respond To Your Offers

Friday, December 21st, 2007

It is not enough to have many newsletter subscribers. In order to have a successful business you need your subscribers to actually buy what you have to offer.

So the question becomes, how to make your newsletter subscribers more responsive to what you have to offer?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you make your newsletter convert better:

Are people on your list in your target market? If they aren’t, they are not interested in buying what you have to offer.

Do you offer your subscribers what they want? Your target market has to want, need and be able to afford your products and services in order to buy them.

Do you contact your subscribers too much/too little? Sometimes when my clients tell me that they can’t get sales from their newsletter, it is because they e-mail them too many times or too few. Much more often it is too few – if you send out your newsletter once every three months, your subscribers may just forget who you are.

Do you ask your subscribers to buy? In order to get people to buy, you have to ask them for the sale.

Is your list large enough? The more subscribers you have, the more sales you are going to be able to get from your list.

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Biana Babinsky

Blog Or Newsletter?

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Many coaches have asked me whether they should stop publishing a newsletter and just concentrate on publishing a blog.

The answer is no. Your newsletter is the best way for you to build a relationship with your potential customers and turn them into customers. One of the first things that everyone does when they get online each day is check their e-mail. Therefore e-mail is still the best way to reach your target market.

Your blog and your newsletter serve different purposes. Your blog is great for:

Bringing in social networking traffic

Bringing in search engine traffic

– Getting your traffic to subscribe to your newsletter

Your newsletter is great for:

Sharing what’s new in your business with your target market

Sharing useful tips and ideas with your target market

Building relationships with your target market

Turning your newsletter subscribers into clients by letting them know about your products and services

A blog is great to market your business, and so is your newsletter. The best way to use both is to decide where each one fits into your Online Marketing Plan, create goals for each one of them and use them to reach those goals.

Learn how to build your list with your blog and other marketing techniques in the Build Your List Home Study Guide.

Biana Babinsky

Do You Have A Marketing Plan?

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Do you have a marketing plan? If you run your own coaching, consulting or any other service business, having a marketing plan is very important. Your marketing plan will tell you what your goals are and how to take action to reach those goals.

What To Include In Your Marketing Plan?

I recommend that your marketing plan includes a list of your goals, a list of things that you are
going to accomplish and a list of actions that will help you get there. A marketing plan helps you go from where you are now to where you want to be.

Let’s say you are looking to get 200 more newsletter subscribers and 10 more clients in the next 3 months. Your 3 Month Marketing Plan needs to outline a list of actions you need to take and the dates for when you will take them in order to reach your goals.

For example, a marketing plan that I have all of my clients fill out includes a section on their goals/vision, a research section and a section on specific actions they need to take in order to achieve their goals.

Last week I taught members of my mentoring group how to create a marketing plan. You can get my marketing plan template and an audio on how to create your marketing plan (and online marketing mentoring with me) at

Biana Babinsky

What Is The Point Of A Marketing Technique?

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Why are you applying a marketing technique?

Many times I see coaches and consultants use a marketing technique because they heard that other coaches and consultants use it to get clients or because someone they know recommended it to them.

When you are applying a marketing technique (and this goes for any technique – creating a web site, joining local networking groups, doing article marketing, blogging, teleseminars, etc), you need to know the outcome you are looking for and you need to tailor your actions to get that outcome.

Don’t use article marketing or local networking or blogging or teleseminars or any other techniques because others are using them. Use them because they help you do something very specific, such as build your list.

And in order to accomplish that, look at every aspect of a marketing technique you are applying and optimize it for accomplish your specific goal. For example, when using article marketing, you need to pick article topics that appeal to your target market, create a Resource Box that will get people to subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

Or if you are optimizing your web site to get more newsletter subscribers, you want to optimize each page on the web site to get subscribers, etc.

When you decide to use a marketing technique, do some research, find out if it fits into your overall marketing strategy. If it does, spend some time and learn how to apply this technique effectively, so that you can get results.

My Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course teaches you, step-by-step, how to apply different online marketing techniques to your business.

Biana Babinsky

Three Steps To Selling Ebooks

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Many coaches, consultants and other service business owners have asked me how to sell more copies of their e-books

Just like with any product, in order to sell your ebooks, you need to bring a stream of interested people to your sales page.

In order to sell your ebook you will need:

An effective sales letter that can convert your target market into buyers. It is very important to have a good sales letter for an information product. Even if you can get good traffic to your web site you will not be able to convert traffic into sales without a good sales letter.

A good price/value offer that your sales letter presents to your web site visitors. Can you convince them that they need your product and not someone else’s?

An effective marketing strategy that brings targeted traffic to your ebook page, every single day.

There are many different marketing techniques you can use to do that. Your own newsletter, article marketing, blogging, search engine optimization and more.

In the Make Thousands Of Dollars With E-books Home Study Guide I discuss how to sell many copies of your ebook. You can see it at

Read more on selling ebooks and sales letters:

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Biana Babinsky

How To Promote A Workshop

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

If you are a coach, chances are you have been thinking about teaching a workshop. However, what stops many coaches from actually offering a workshop is not being able to get any participants. How can you get enough participants for your coaching workshops?

Truth is, the marketing part is the most important and hardest part of putting together a workshop. You need to have a marketing plan and start planning for marketing early on.

No one will be as effective as you are at promoting your workshop. This is because you have the unique knowledge of your market, their issues and the benefits that your workshop will bring them.

In order to market your workshop successfully you will need:

- Make Sure That Your Target Market Needs And Wants Your Workshop. In order to successfully sell your workshop you need to be sure that the people you are selling it to (your target market) need, want and can afford it.

If they have no need for what you have to offer, you will not be able to sell the workshop.

- Be Able To Reach Your Target Market. In order to sell your workshop you need to be able to reach the people who want to buy it, your target market.

You need to have a list of your target market that you can contact. If you haven’t started building your list, get started now. This is a single most useful thing you can do for your coaching business.

- Create Effective Sales Copy. When you bring your target market to your web site to sign up for the workshop, you still need to convince them to register.

This is why you need to write good, benefits-oriented web copy about your workshop. The copy needs to convince your target market to register for the workshop by showing them all the benefits they will receive when they attend the workshop.

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Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Many coaches, consultants and other service business owners spend a lot of time and effort writing and perfecting their articles. They write a nice introduction, include interesting article content, and follow up with a great conclusion. However, when the time comes to write their Article Resource Boxes, they do not put forth the same effort or have the same intensity. At this point they have spent all their creativity on the article. They are tired and they want to get the article out as soon as possible…

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