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How To Make Twitter Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Here is a question I got recently:

Biana, I have been following your advice and I am seeing great results. I am now using my article marketing and blogging to bring in web site visitors, turn them into newsletter subscribers and then into clients. Last month I got 74 new subscribers!!!

I was on your social networking call a few months ago where you talked about social networking and Twitter in particular. I am wondering how I should incorporate Twitter into my existing online marketing strategy. Should I use it to bring people to my web site? Should I use it to get more newsletter subscribers? What’s the best way to do that?

Biana’s answer: I think it is great that you are thinking about adding Twitter to your marketing lineup. Social networking has been a part of my online marketing strategy for a long time and social networking has been bringing great results year after year.

I also find it’s great that you are creating strategy for using Twitter and how it is going to fit into your online marketing plan before starting to use it. I see many business owners starting to use Twitter and other social networking web sites, use them for a while and only then try to understand how to fit them into their online marketing plan to generate leads and clients. By thinking about this before you jump in you are way ahead of many business owners.

I recommend using Twitter for listening to your target market, creating awareness for your brand and expertise, and building your list. You can also use Twitter for promoting your products, teleseminars and services. But if you use it first to accomplish the first three tasks, you will see much better results when you do start promoting your products, teleseminars and services. Here is how it works:

Listen To Your Target Market. One of the biggest benefits that Twitter provides business owners with is the ability to connect with their target market and hear what the target market is talking about.

One of the biggest challenges that business owners face is not knowing what they target market needs. At Twitter you are able to listen to your target market, see what kind of issues your target market is experiencing and what kind of help your target market needs.

Now use this information to offer a product or a service that your target market needs and you will see great results!

Create Awareness For Your Brand And Expertise. Twittering, sharing and connecting with others will help you create more awareness for your business. Many people learn about their new Twitter friends by following their profile link. So make sure you include your link and watch your web site traffic increase!

And, twits are listed in search engines, thus helping you increase awareness of your business even more!

Build Your List. The bigger your list, the more successful your business is. Use Twitter to build your list by sharing information about your free gift and your newsletter with your followers. Don’t promote it all the time, but it’s perfectly fine to mention your offers from time to time.

Make Twitter part of your Online Marketing Strategy – you will see that with some thinking and planning, you can start seeing results from social networking! For more information on using Twitter to promote your business, join me for How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Business Teleseminar at


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Biana Babinsky

How To Make Money During Recession

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

In the past few months, many business owners have asked me about what a business should do in order to make money and get clients in a recession.

My answer is very simple. If you want your business to be extremely successful at any time, you must continuously market it. Marketing is not a one-time event; rather, it is a continuous process that will bring leads and clients to your business on an ongoing basis. If you want to be healthy, you can’t only take good care of yourself sometimes; you must eat healthy, exercise and practice healthy habits when you are sick and when you are well. In business, whether you are succeeding (even despite a recession) or struggling, the prescription is the same.

Here are my five strategies to help you make money and get clients during recession:

- Create A Marketing Mindset. Many business are not marketing their business, because they feel that marketing is somehow sleazy. However, as the economy gets worse, you will have to market even more in order to get clients.

Remember, you are not trying to sell people what they don’t need. Your potential clients have real problems and they need real help. When you market, you let them know that you can help them. What can be more valuable than that? You are not trying to sell them something they don’t want, but something they want and need!

- Build Your List! The most important ability that a business can have is the ability to contact many people in your target market at once. You want to be able to share your expertise and information about your new offerings with many people at one time. Doing this is the best way to get service clients and product buyers.

In uncertain economic times, the ability to contact many people in your target market at once becomes even more important, because doing this is still an extremely effective technique to promote your offerings.

When you have a large list, with subscribers being members of your target market, you will be able to fill up your teleseminars and get more clients by just sending an email to your list.

- Offer Products In Addition To Services. It has always been extremely important to offer products in addition to services, because it is easier to convince your potential customers to spend $20-$50 on a product rather than $200-$500 on a service.

In today’s economy, it is even more important to offer products in addition to services. Many of your potential clients still need the solutions that you offer, but they may not want or be able to pay for your one-on-one services given the current state of the economy.

However, since they need what you have to offer, they will be more willing to pay for your products, such as seminars, teleseminars, and e-books.

Having products and services in different prices ranges will help you introduce your expertise to a wider audience, reach more people, and, ultimately, gain more clients.

I discuss how to make money and get clients during recession in-depth in my FREE Special Report, 5 Keys For Getting Clients During Recession that you can download at

Biana Babinsky

Can You Help?

Monday, December 15th, 2008

It has been just twelve days since we launched the FREE 5 Keys For Getting Clients During Recession special report, and we have already had well over 2,500 downloads!

My goal is to get the report in the hands of at least 5,000 business owners this December, to help them change their marketing mindset and get clients during these economic times. That way they will be ready to get the ground running and start getting clients once January starts!

This is where I need your help. I would love it if you could share the information about the free report, “5 Keys For Getting Clients During Recession”, with other business owners. And I would like to give you a gift for doing that. Keep reading for more information.

Here is how you can share information about the report:

1. Recommend the report to a few of your contacts by letting them know that they can go to to get the no charge report, “5 Keys For Getting Clients During Recession”

2. Click here to reprint one of my articles. You may reprint articles in your blog, in your newsletter or on your web site. Each article provides valuable content for your readers, so you will be sharing useful marketing information with them. The Author Box contains information about the report.

3. If you are on Twitter, please twitter about the report by letting people know they can download it at

4. If you use social bookmarking tools, you can bookmark the blog post I wrote about the report,

If you take any one of the steps above (or you can do all of them!), I would love to give you my “How To Turn Your Visitors Into Customers” special report at no charge. This report sells for $17 on my web site, but it is yours at no charge for helping me spread the word.

Once you let people know about the 5 Keys For Getting Clients During Recession special report, fill out the contact form at and let us know that you have shared the information and we will send you the link to download your copy of the “How To Turn Your Visitors Into Customers” special report. No proof necessary; we are doing this on the honor system.

Thank you very much for helping me help 5,000 business owners get clients! I really appreciate it. And don’t forget to get your own copy at

Biana Babinsky

How To Create The Right Marketing Mindset

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

This article is an excerpt from the “5 Keys For
Getting Clients During A Recession” Special Report
, available for you, FREE, at

I have taught hundreds of business owners how to market online and get clients. What I always find interesting is that some people who have hired me to work with them didn’t need to be taught marketing. They knew a lot about marketing, what kind of marketing techniques were available and how to apply them.

What they actually needed help with was changing their marketing mindset. Many business owners feel that marketing has an aura of sleaziness around it. They feel that marketing is somehow dirty and an honorable business owner should not be engaged in it. They don’t feel that they should market – they feel that their customers should just find them and come to them.

Unfortunately, customers can’t just find you on their own. They need to know that you are out there, that you are an expert at what you do, and that you can help them with their problems. You must market to communicate all of that to them.

The good news is, though, that marketing does not have to be sleazy or dirty. Marketing can be fun, honorable and ethical and still be effective. And the first thing that you need to do to market ethically and effectively is to change the way you approach marketing.

You need to create a good marketing mindset. This kind of mindset will not sabotage your marketing efforts, and it will help you get the best results from marketing. It will also help you identify marketing techniques that will make your marketing authentic, as well as effective. What’s better than that?

Here is how to create a marketing mindset that will help you get clients, fill up your teleseminars and multiply your profits honestly and ethically:

- Be honest with yourself. Understand that you must market to get clients and be successful. You will be able to pick how you market, but you must do something to bring in clients.

- Understand what marketing is. Marketing is a process designed to introduce your target customers to your business, to invite them to request more information and to get to know you.

- Realize that you are not pushing things on people that people don’t want. Rather, your potential clients need your help and your expertise enables you to provide that help.

Your potential clients have real problems and they need real help. When you market, you let them know that you can help them. What can be more valuable than that? You are not trying to sell them something they don’t want, but something they want and need!

- Find marketing techniques that you enjoy the most, and start using them! Of social networking, article marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, which ones do you like the most? You will get better results, make a difference for your clients and enjoy marketing in the process!

Make your mindset work for you – you will help more people, get more clients and will be happy about the way you market your business!

For more information on how to market your business in today’s economy, download my FREE report, “5 Keys For
Getting Clients During A Recession” Special Report
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Free Report On Getting Clients During Recession

Thursday, December 4th, 2008


As you probably know, the National Bureau of Economic Research announced on December 1st that we have been in recession for about a year. I am sure that you, as a business owner, have seen the signs of recession before the National Bureau of Economic Research made the announcement.

I have been seeing the signs of recession as well, because I have been getting emails from dozens of business owners every single week asking me about marketing in recession. To help these business owners, I decided to write an article on how to get clients during a recession.

However, as I started to write this article, I saw that I wanted to say much more than I could fit into a one-page article.

So instead I wrote a report: “5 Keys For Getting Clients During A Recession” and it is available for you, FREE, at


Get the report and discover:

- – How to find a target market filled with people hungry for your products

– The best marketing techniques to use in recession

– Five keys to building your list easier and faster

- Two questions to ask yourself to make your social networking extremely profitable

and much, much more.


Download the report, FREE, at


Biana Babinsky