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Why You Must Have An Affiliate Program For Your Business

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

If you are looking for the best way to sell more of your products and fill up your teleseminars, an affiliate program is the answer.

What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is a special program in which you (owner of products, programs and teleseminars) pay your affiliates for sales of your products, programs and teleseminars. People who sign up to sell your products, programs and teleseminars through your affiliate program are called your affiliates.

When your affiliates sign up to use your affiliate program, your affiliate program automatically generates special links for them to use. If they refer sales through these special links, they will earn commissions.

An affiliate program is a win-win for both you and your affiliates. You win because you are able to reach more people and sell more of your products and services. Your affiliates win because they can offer products for sale and make money with them without having to create their own products.

So why should you, a business owner, have your own affiliate program? Here are three reasons to do that:

- Acquire New Customers. Customers who are referred to your web site by your affiliates are typically first-time customers who didn’t know about your products and teleseminars prior to clicking from the referring site.

You must acquire new clients on a regular basis in order to stay in business. Having an affiliate program helps you get new customers through your affiliates.

- Get MORE Product Sales. When you have an affiliate program, you have more sales of your products, programs and teleseminars. It’s that simple! If you do not have an affiliate program, you are missing out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional sales.

- Pay For Performance. How many times have you paid for advertising and did not generate any results? Traditional advertising does not necessarily increase sales, but you have to pay for it upfront. You incur the expense whether or not the advertising campaign was successful.

With an affiliate program, you pay for performance only. When your affiliates generate sales, they earn commissions. No sales – no commissions. Think of your affiliates as online commission-only sales people.

As you can see, there are many reasons for having an affiliate program. Here is a plan of action for you to jump-start your affiliate program and start using it to generate sales:

- Start an affiliate program if you don’t already have one.

- Offer help to your affiliates. Let your affiliates know where and how to get their affiliate links and how to use them to earn money.

- Keep in touch. E-mail your affiliates on a regular basis to let them know how they can earn more with your affiliate program. Doing this will help your affiliates promote you more and sell more of your products.

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Can You Get Clients From Your Web Site?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

This question comes up from time to time on many forums that coaches and other business owners participate in. Many people want to know if you can really get clients from your web site. And the answer is “Yes!”.

So how can you promote your coaching business online to get clients? Here are some tips to help you get clients from your coaching web site:

Not everyone who comes to your web site is going to become a client immediately. Design a few different paths for your web site to work with for your web site visitors. Let your web site help your web site visitors subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product, attend your teleseminar, etc.


Create very clear paths for your web site visitors to take. If you don’t understand how your web site visitors are using your web site, how are they going to use it? Design separate pages for lead generations, sales, coaching services, etc.


Test, test, test. You will not know what works online until you test different methods of marketing, different web pages, etc.


Drive traffic to your web site. You will not be able to get clients form your web site, unless you have traffic coming to your web site every single day.

Use online marketing techniques such as social networking, search engine optimization, blogging, article marketing and others to drive traffic to your web site.


Always try to turn more web site visitors into leads and clients. If your web site visitors leave your web site without taking action, you will lose them forever. Work on turning as many of them as possible into leads and clients. That way you will be able to continue working with them.


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How To Use Social Networking To Build Your List

Monday, January 19th, 2009

I have a confession to make. I have been using social networking to build my list and market my business long before it was the “it” thing to do. In fact, social networking has been a solid list building performer for me ever since I have started my business.

However, something happened in 2008. Social networking went from being a solid performer to being the star list building referral for my list. You see, in 2008 social networking became very hot and everyone, and I mean *everyone* jumped on the social networking bandwagon. I saw people who have never used social networking in their lives create new accounts on Facebook and Twitter and jump right in.

More people than ever are using social networking, but how does it affect your business? More people using social networking means there are more people in your target market who are using social networking. You can reach many more people through social networking now than you could just a year ago. What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to use social networking to reach your target market and build your list. Here is how:

Spend Time On Creating/Updating Your Profile Page. It amazes me that when I visit business owners’ profile pages on Facebook and other social networks, some do not have their web site listed. If your web site is not listed on your profile, you are missing a golden opportunity to expand your list.

When your target market is visiting your profile, they want to see your web site. If you do not have your web site listed, you will not be able to get subscribers from your social networking efforts.

Link Directly To Your Newsletter Subscription Page. You want to get subscribers from your social networking efforts, right? So make sure that the links that you use on your social networking profiles link directly to your newsletter subscription page.

Build Relationships With People You Meet. People buy from those they know, like and trust. Don’t just promote yourself all the time. Get to know your contacts and they will get to know you.

For example, on Twitter, spend 80-90% of your twits to help others, share useful content and network. Limit promotion to 10-20% of the time. When you do this, more people will follow you and more people will want to get to know you, which will translate into more subscribers over time.

Blog And Share Your Blog Posts On Social Networks. Sharing your blog posts is another great way to demonstrate your expertise to your target market. And you don’t even have to share your posts manually. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have tools that will automatically check your blog and post your blog post to the network automatically.

All you need to do is to set it up and your blog posts will be shared with your followers every time you have a new blog post.

Offer Events. A great way to invite more people to your list is to offer an event and invite your social networking contacts to join you for the event.

Take action on at least one of these tips today and start building your list with social networking today!

I think that social networking is extremely important for list building. This is why there is a lot of information on using social networking to build your list in the Build Your List Home Study Guide.

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Biana Babinsky

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How To Use Article Marketing To Build Your List

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Article marketing is a great technique to use to build your list. In fact, each of your articles can bring you dozens or even hundreds of subscribers if your article and Resource Box speak to your target market. Here is your 3-Point Plan to build your list using article marketing:

Step 1. Write an article that is of interest to your target market.

Step 2. Create your Author’s Resource Box that convinces your article readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

Step 3. Submit your article to Article Directories, so that your articles are seen by your target market. Once your target market reads your article, your Resource Box will convince your target market to subscribe to your newsletter.

I have read hundreds of articles written by business owners and it is clear to me that many of them are making a mistake in Step #2. Some don’t spend any time on their Resource Boxes, and as a result, are not getting any of their article readers to subscribe to their newsletter.

Writing effective Resource Boxes is crucial to your success. If your Resource Box does not convince your reader to visit your web site and subscribe to your newsletter, then your article marketing efforts are a big waste of time because they will not produce the results that you want.

Here is how to create a Resource Box that will get results:

- Set aside time to create effective Resource Boxes. For many business owners a Resource Box is an afterthought that they spend just a few minutes writing. Don’t make this mistake. Your Resource Box is the most important part of your article. Take the time to create an effective Resource Box.

- Create a few different Resource Boxes to use with your articles.

- Test your Resource Boxes to see which ones produce the best results.

I have spent a long time testing different Resource Boxes, both for myself and on behalf of my clients. In the Build Your List Home Study Guide, you will see the examples of effective Resource Boxes and we will also talk about how to rewrite your current Resource Boxes to make them extremely effective. Get the Build Your List Home Study Guide at


Biana Babinsky

How To Use Viral Marketing To Market Your Business

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Viral marketing is a wonderful way to share your message and reach out to people to whom you would not ordinarily have had access to.

And no worries, viral marketing has nothing to do with diseases. It is a marketing strategy that helps you spread your message and your branding by engaging others and having them help you spread the message. You want your message to reach many people and replicate like a virus, hence the name.

One of the biggest benefits of viral marketing is being able to reach people in your target market that you would not have been able to reach otherwise. When your message is shared virally, people will let others know about you and your offers, helping your message reach many more people.

Social networking is one of the best ways to share your message virally. This is because different social networking web sites provide you with tools to facilitate sharing messages. For example, on Twitter others can re-tweet your message, meaning they will share it with their followers. When they do this, their followers are going to see information about you and your offer.

On Facebook there is a ton of tools that help you virally market your business. When someone writes on your wall, for example, the information about this is posted to their page. Now when people come to their page, they can click on your name and visit your profile.

If you are promoting a teleseminar on Facebook and someone agrees to come, this information becomes visible to their friends. Now their friends are able to check out your teleseminar. Information about your teleseminar is being spread through viral marketing.

So, how can you use social networking to share your message virally? Here are three steps to help you do that:

Have something to offer. Don’t just promote your business; have something else to share. People are much more likely to share a blog post, a product or a teleseminar than just your business web site.

Share information. People can’t share information about what you have to offer unless they know about it. Don’t market all the time, but do spend a bit of time on sharing information about what you have to offer.

Use social networking tools available to you to your advantage. There are many tools available to automate your networking. For example, you can connect Twitter and Facebook and have your twits appear on Facebook without your doing anything extra, thus helping you spread the word much faster.

Many of your friends’ actions are visible to their friends. When your friends write on your wall, agree to attend your teleseminar, join your group, etc – those actions are visible to their friends. You, your group, and your teleseminars become visible to friends of your friends through viral marketing.

Your action item for today is to see how you can use viral marketing to promote your teleseminars and products.

Biana Babinsky

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Ready To Build Your List In 2009?

Monday, January 5th, 2009

One of the goals that my clients make every year (this is also a goal that I make every year) is adding more people to their lists. If building your list is not your goal for 2009, go to your goal list right now and add it!

Why should you build your list? There are probably over 100 reasons to do that :), but here are top 5:

- Become Known To Your Target Market. It is hard to get people to do business with you when they don’t know that your business exists. Once you publish your newsletter that reaches your target market, many more people will be able to get to know you.

- Get MORE People To Come To Your Teleseminars. If you struggle with getting participants for your teleseminars, a large list can help! When you need more teleseminar participants, just send an email to your list to invite more people to register.

- Be Seen As An Expert. One thing that many experts do is publish a newsletter. They use it to learn more about their target market, share tips and ideas, and promote their products and services. Start building your list to be seen as an expert!

- Get MORE Clients. Do you need more service clients? Let your subscribers know about your services to get more clients!

- Get MORE Customers. Looking to sell you information products? Your list is extremely important when it comes to selling ebooks, home study guides and other products.

As you can see, your list can help you dramatically increase your number of clients and revenues. Make sure to make list building one of your 2009 goals and watch your profits increase!

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Biana Babinsky

5 Things To Take With Us Into 2009

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year! Today, on the first day of the new year, I wanted to take a look back at 2008 to see what we would like to take with us into 2009:

- Social Networking. Social networking has been around since the Internet was around. I have been participating in discussion groups and forums ever since I got online.

But 2008 was the year of Social Networking. Social networking has finally come of age – everyone started talking about it and using in 2008. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – seems that everyone, including people who have never used a discussion forum before were jumping in. Social networking has helped me meet some great people, create business connections and get new clients for my business.

I am looking forward to hearing more about social networking in 2009 and, of course, using it as well.

- Learning New Things. I believe that we should never stop learning. I learned many new things in 2008 and am looking forward to learning even more in 2009.

Join me in learning! Decide what you will learn this year and take action! Pick up a book, find a few blogs you like to learn from, subscribe to a few newsletter, attend teleseminars or workshops.

- Cooking More Food. Well, you knew that I will mention this, didn’t you? Cooking is something I love to do, so when I am not teaching marketing, I am probably cooking or reading about cooking.

I even started a cooking blog in 2008, that I am looking forward to updating more in 2009.

- Creating Products. I have created a few different products in 2008 and I have plans for creating more products in 2009. One thing that is very clear to me about 2009 is that it is going to be more important than ever to offer products in the new year. Many people are slashing their budgets, which means you will see many potential clients in 2009 who will not be able to afford your services.

To still be able to help these clients, you must package your expertise into products. Your products will fit your clients’ budgets when your services won’t. So join me in planning (and creating) new products in 2009.

- People. This list would not be complete without thanking all the wonderful people of 2008. Thank you all – my clients, customers, colleagues, friends on social networks, blog readers, newsletter subscribers, and more. Thank you for making 2008 so great and I look forward to connecting with you in 2009.

Now it’s your turn – comment on this blog post and let us know what you are taking with you into 2009!


Biana Babinsky


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