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The Best Way To Get Clients With Social Networking

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Here are two e-mails that I have received recently from coaches about effective social networking:


“Biana, for the last six months I have been telling people I meet on social networking web sites about my coaching services. No one has ever asked me a question about my services, and I haven’t gotten a single client from social networking web sites. What should I do?”


“Biana, I have started using Twitter, but have been shy about promoting myself yet. I have been chatting with people and slowly building up my list of followers. I feel that now I should start letting people know about my coaching services – what is the best way to do that?”

As you can see from these e-mails, neither approach is working. Just telling people you meet on social networking web sites about your services does not work. They don’t know you well enough yet to buy your services.

Not telling people about your products and services isn’t going to work either. If they don’t know anything about what you are offering, how will they be able to buy from you?

What is the best way for these coaches to promote their services on social networking web sites? It might be surprising to hear, but the most effective way to sell your products and services online is not selling at all.

Building the groundwork by generating leads for your business is the most effective way to sell your products and services. Your leads are people who are in your target market; people who want, need and can afford what you have to offer. Your goal is to get these leads on your list by offering them something valuable. Once you have them on your list, you can spend time on building a relationship with them and sharing information about your products and services with them.

When you bring leads into your business on a regular basis and are able to communicate with them, great things happen. You get more customers and more clients every time you send out an email how great is that?

If you are not getting clients from your social networking efforts, revise your social networking strategy. Instead of trying to sell your services, create a strategy to get more leads. It is much easier to turn your social networking contacts into leads and you will get much better results.

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Biana Babinsky


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How To Create Your Own Short URL

Monday, July 27th, 2009

If you have a Facebook Fan Page, then you probably know that you need to have at least 100 fans if you want to have a vanity URL for your Fan Page. A vanity URL is a short link that will bring people to your fan page. If you don’t have at least 100 fans, you have to refer to your Fan Page with a long, unruly URL.

So what do you do if you don’t have 100 fans yet? You can create your own short URL that will lead to your Fan Page! Either one of these methods will work. The first one will re-direct from your own web site and will help you with branding. The second one is easier to do.

#1. Create a folder on your web site, and call it fbpage. Create a file in that folder, call it index.html

Now, inside the head of index.html file, use this code:


Change LINK TO YOUR FACE BOOK PAGE to the actual link to your FB Fan Page. The above code tells the web site to send everyone who comes to your fbpage folder to the FB Fan Page.

Once you have this setup, just go to and this address should send everyone to your FB Fan Page.

#2. Another way to create a short URL to your Facebook Fan Page is by using a URL shortening service, such as, or any other.

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What’s Your Favorite Pizza Topping?

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

What’s your favorite pizza topping? This is a question that I had asked a few weeks ago on Twitter and got a ton of responses. The answers ranged from pepperoni to cheese only to Hawaiian (ham and pineapple).

You may be wondering why I am twittering about pizza toppings instead of social networking and online marketing. Food is another subject I am very interested in and something I enjoy talking and sharing about.

When you share your other, non-business interests on social networks, people get to know you on another level and feel more connected with you. When people feel like they know you better and are more connected with you, they are more likely to do business with you.

Biana Babinsky

Mistakes You Are Making When Building Your List With Social Networking

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Are you using social networking web sites to build your list? If you have been using social networking web sites for a while, but your list isn’t growing as fast as you would like it to, it is time to reassess. Take a look at your strategy for building your list with social networking and see whether you are making one of these five mistakes. Each mistake can cost you thousands of new newsletter subscribers and thousands of dollars in lost profits.

Here are the mistakes and how to correct them:

Mistake #1: Not Setting Any Goals For Your Social Networking

If you do not have any goals, how are you going to reach them?

How to correct it: Write out your goals for building your list with your social networking presence. When you put your goals in writing, you are much more likely to achieve them!

Mistake #2: Not Connecting With The Right People On Social Networking Web Sites

How to correct it: The people who you want to get on your list are people in your target market. When you are creating connections on social networking web sites, make sure to connect with people in your target market.

Mistake #3: Not Asking Your Network To Take The Next Step With You

How to correct it: Connecting with your target market is just the first step. Next, you need to persuade your connections to take the next step with you, which is getting on your list.

The best way to do that is to offer your network something at no charge – a report, an e-course, a teleseminar, and audio recording – and ask for their e-mail address in exchange.

Mistake #4: An Ineffective Squeeze Page

How to correct it: If you are asking your network to take the next step with you, but they are not taking your up on your offer, here is why. The page with your no charge offer, also called your squeeze page, is not effective.

This whole web page has one purpose and one purpose only – to convert the person who comes to it into your newsletter subscriber. Make sure that each element of that page is helping you do just that.

Mistake #5: Having Just One Offer For Converting People Into Newsletter Subscribers

How to correct it: Many business owners on social networking web sites have just one offer that converts their connections into newsletter subscribers. But one offer will not work for everyone, because not every person in your target market is interested in it.

Instead of just one offer, create a few different ones. Offer a no charge teleseminar once in while; create a few different reports of audio that you give away, etc. A few different offers will help you convert many more social networking connections into newsletter subscribers.

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A Special Gift To You

Monday, July 13th, 2009

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Is Social Networking Enough?

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Recently I have received an e-mail from a life coach who was in a state of panic. She had created social networking accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and, according to her, had spent over 400 hours using these social networking web sites. The time had come from her other marketing activities – she had put blogging, article marketing and other marketing on hold to jump into social networking.

She has met interesting people, and has been having fun, but didn’t get any clients or newsletter subscribers from her social networking efforts. She was panicking because she had spent over 400 hours without having anything to show for it, and wanted my advice about what she should do next, so that she can start getting results from social networking.

I asked her what her plan for generating leads on social networking web sites was, and she told me that she didn’t have a plan. I asked her how social networking fits into her overall marketing plan. She didn’t have an answer for me.

Truth is, social networking alone is not going to get you clients. If you are using social networking web sites without a strategy, you will still have fun, but you will not get results.

Here is what you need to do to get results from social networking:

- Decide whom you want to meet on social networking web sites. If you are using social networking web sites to get clients, then the people you want to meet are people in your target market. Spend your time on social networking web sites to connect with people who are your
potential clients and customers.

- Create a system to generate leads on social networking web sites. The most effective way to get results on social networking web sites is by using social networking web sites to get leads. Share your no charge articles, blog posts, reports on social networking web sites on a regular basis to generate leads.

- Create events and information products. People who know you on social networking web sites are ready to invest with your products and events, because they are priced lower than your services.

This means that you will get much better results if you promote your products on social networking web sites, and not your services.

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How To Get Clients On Facebook

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Are you on Facebook, but not sure how to fully use it to promote your business? Lately I have been hearing from many coaches and other service professionals who are not sure how to use Facebook to promote their businesses. There are just too many different options to choose from.

I have picked the top five actions you can take on Facebook to get more clients and build your list. Here they are:

Create An Effective Facebook Profile

Make sure to add your picture, your bio and a link to your web site. When your potential client comes to your profile page, they want to learn more about you. When you share this information with them, they connect with you and they remember you. That is exactly what you want your target market to do on your profile page – to learn more about you and to connect with you.

Add Your Newsletter Subscription Box To Your Profile Page

Use a Facebook application called Profile HTML to add your subscription box to your profile page. Doing this will help you get newsletter subscribers right from your Facebook Profile Page!

Add Your Blog To Your Facebook Profile Page

Got a blog? Use the Notes application to have your new blog posts appear on your Facebook profile. This way your friends will be able to read your blog posts, follow links in your blog posts and comment on your blog posts right from Facebook.

Create A Fan Page On Facebook

Create a fan page for yourself on Facebook to help you promote your business. A Fan Page has an important viral marketing aspect. Every time someone joins your Fan Page, this information appears on their Facebook Profile. This way their friends will see information about your Fan Page and will be able to join it too, giving you with more exposure.

Get Active, Create A Plan

Social networking is not a one-time action. To get results from social networking you must take action on a regular basis. Create a plan for taking action on Facebook every single day. Outline who you want to connect with, how much time you want to spend every day, what kind of actions you want to take, and what kind of results you expect.

Get started today. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. Grab the FREE How To Make Money And Get Clients With Social Networking to learn how to use Twitter to get more clients and leads.

Biana Babinsky