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Facebook Fan Pages: How To Promote Your Information Products On Facebook Fan Pages

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Do you want to promote your information products on your Facebook Fan Page? Here are three ideas for how to do that:

Create a free gift, that in turn, promotes your information product. For example, create a teleseminar that shares useful information, and promotes a longer Teleseminar Series or coaching program. Or, create a special report, that shares useful information and promotes your Home Study Guide as well.

Then, offer this free teleseminar or free special report to members of your Facebook Fan Page.

Share information about your information product on your blog, and share your blog post on your Facebook Fan Page. Create a useful blog post, and mention your information product in it as well.

Then, share the blog post on your Facebook Fan Page. That way, your fans will read your blog post and learn about your information product.

Create A Special Tab Of Your Facebook Fan Page To Promote Your Information Products. Create a special tab on your Facebook Page using iframes, and use this tab to share about your information product.

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Facebook Fan Pages: You Can Now See Which Pages Like Yours

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Ever since we started using Facebook as a Fan Page, Fan Pages could “Like” other Fan Pages.

And since people know that other Fan Pages like your pages, people wanted to know which pages liked their Facebook Fan Page. But until now it was only possible to see a list of people who “Like” the page, but not a list of Fan Pages that “Like” the page.

It all changed, and now you can see a list of Facebook Fan Pages that like your Fan Page! To see the list of Facebook Fan Pages that like your Fan Page, go to your Fan Page and click on the link “people like it” which is located right under the number of your fans. Then click on the button on the top of the page that says “People” and change it to “Pages” instead. Now you will see the pages that like your Facebook Fan Page!

Something that is gone, though, is how the fans are ordered in your list. In the past, you could see the fans in the order that they have joined your page. This is not available anymore. It would also be nice to be able to sort the fans (and Fan Pages) by when they joined the page, and by the alphabet. It would also be great to be able to search the fan list and the Fan Pages list.

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What do you think – do you like to be able to see which Fan Pages “Like” your Fan Page?

Facebook Fan Pages: Are You Forgetting To Build Your List?

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Are you not getting results from your Facebook Fan Page? Are you spending a lot of time on your Facebook Fan Page, only to have nothing to show for it?

If you are not seeing any results from your Facebook Fan Page, then ask yourself this: “Do your fans know how to subscribe to your newsletter? Do you invite them to subscribe to your newsletter on a regular basis?”

If the answer to these questions is No, then you are not building your list and not getting result with your Facebook Fan Page. Here are three tips to help you build your list with your Facebook Fan Page:

1. Create a FREE gift to give away. Create a free gift that people in your target market want. This can be a special report, an ebook, an audio recording, etc. The key is to create something that your fans will want to get, so that they can get your gift and subscribe to your newsletter.

2. Create an Effective Squeeze Page to give away your free gift. In order to offer your free gift to people on your Facebook Fan Page, you need to have a page on your web site to invite them to, so that they go to that page and get your free gift and subscribe to your newsletter.

The page that you need to create is called a squeeze page. A squeeze page is extremely effective page for getting more newsletter subscribers, because it has just one purpose, to convert more of your web site visitors into newsletter subscribers.

3. Invite your fans to get the free gift and subscribe to your newsletter No one will get your free gift, unless they actually know about it. Make sure to share information about your free gift on your Fan Page and invite your fans to get it.

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