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What If A Coaching Client Can’t Afford Coaching Services?

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Many times coaches have only one product: their coaching services. Sometimes, when potential coaching clients come to coaches looking for coaching services, the potential clients take a look at the coaching services fees and decide that they cannot afford those prices.

When a potential client is looking for coaching services, she is interested in being coached, but once she finds out the prices of the coaching services, she decides that she cannot afford them. What do you do when you have a potential client, who is interested in your services but they tell you that they cannot afford your service fees?

You can lower your service fees to accommodate them. Some coaches simply lower their fees to accommodate the client. When you lower your coaching fees, you send the message that you don’t value your knowledge, your experience and your expertise. If you don’t value your knowledge, your experience and your expertise, others won’t either.

You can stand your ground and not lower your prices. In this case the coaching client will not be able to hire you, and you won’t be able to help this client.

The third option is to offer an information product instead of the coaching services. Now, this is a win-win situation: you have an information product that will help your prospect. And you don’t have to lower your service fees. Instead, you are able to offer a product that will help your client and that is more cost-effective.

What kind of information products can you offer? You can offer teleseminars, audio recordings, e-books or home study guides. Learn how to create information products, so that you can help those who can’t afford your coaching
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