Facebook Fan Pages: Are You Forgetting To Build Your List?


Are you not getting results from your Facebook Fan Page? Are you spending a lot of time on your Facebook Fan Page, only to have nothing to show for it?

If you are not seeing any results from your Facebook Fan Page, then ask yourself this: “Do your fans know how to subscribe to your newsletter? Do you invite them to subscribe to your newsletter on a regular basis?”

If the answer to these questions is No, then you are not building your list and not getting result with your Facebook Fan Page. Here are three tips to help you build your list with your Facebook Fan Page:

1. Create a FREE gift to give away. Create a free gift that people in your target market want. This can be a special report, an ebook, an audio recording, etc. The key is to create something that your fans will want to get, so that they can get your gift and subscribe to your newsletter.

2. Create an Effective Squeeze Page to give away your free gift. In order to offer your free gift to people on your Facebook Fan Page, you need to have a page on your web site to invite them to, so that they go to that page and get your free gift and subscribe to your newsletter.

The page that you need to create is called a squeeze page. A squeeze page is extremely effective page for getting more newsletter subscribers, because it has just one purpose, to convert more of your web site visitors into newsletter subscribers.

3. Invite your fans to get the free gift and subscribe to your newsletter No one will get your free gift, unless they actually know about it. Make sure to share information about your free gift on your Fan Page and invite your fans to get it.

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