The Simplest Strategy To Build Your List With Social Networking


Many coaches and other service professionals have been asking me how to build their lists on social networking web sites. After all, telling people “subscribe to my newsletter” doesn’t work too well on social networking web sites.

Why not? Because by saying “subscribe to my newsletter” you are not showing your contacts how they will benefit. And when your contacts don’t know how they will benefit, they will not take action.

Here is how to show the people you meet on social networking web sites the value that you provide, and how to get more of them on your list as a result:

- Find an issue that your target market is interested in solving. The best way to show the value that you provide is by showing that you know what your target market’s issues are and how to solve them.

- Create a product (report, audio, event, e-course, etc) that helps your target market solve that issue. If you have an issue or a problem, what do you want? To solve it, of course! Your target market is no different - people in your target market want to solve their problems.

Give this product away at no charge to everyone who subscribes to your newsletter.

- Use social networking to get the word out about your free product. Now instead of saying “subscribe to my newsletter”, you can share information about your gift, that provides value to your target market. And when you show how you are providing value, you will get many more newsletter subscribers.

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Biana Babinsky

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