How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs


Many people ask me why I am so excited about affiliate programs and affiliate marketing. Well, where else can you make money with inventory, without having to create the product, without having to process product payment or do product fulfillment?

With affiliate programs you can concentrate on one thing - marketing and selling the products, while leaving all the other things to the products’ owners. As an affiliate you can pick and choose your offerings, and you can experiment with lots of different products at a time. After all, since you don’t have to invest in the inventory or payment processing, you can get rid of products and add products that make the most sense to you. You can also create any product combinations to promote on your web site.

This is why affiliate marketing is one of the passive income streams I teach at Marketing Salad. The minimal investment of a web site(or no investment at all, if you already have one) helps you gain understanding of affiliate marketing, without having to invest much of anything upfront.

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Biana Babinsky

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