How To Make Money With Teleseminars


As a service business owner, you have probably heard that you should teach teleseminars and that they will be very beneficial to you and your business. Your teleseminars help you promote your expertise, attract more paying clients to your business and help you differentiate yourself from others in their field.

However, many service professionals treat their teleseminar as a one-time event — once they get paid for the teleseminar and teach it, they don’t use them to generate any more profits. What many service professionals don’t realize is that they can turn their teleseminar into brand new information products that can generate profits over and over again.

Here are five different ways to profit from your teleseminars:

Record Your Teleseminar

Now your teleseminar recording is a brand new product that you can use in a variety of ways. You can create a brand new income stream for your business by selling the audio recording itself on your web site.

Create A Home Study Guide

Package the audio recording, your notes from the teleseminar, the teleseminar workbook and other resources that are of interest to the teleseminar participants.

By putting all these materials together you have created a bigger product that you can include in your marketing funnel.

Create A Special Report Or An E-book

Depending on whether the teleseminar was just one class or a series of calls, you can package the information you shared during the calls as either a special report or an e-book.

A special report is a shorter digital document, about 10-25 pages long. An e-book is a longer digital document that has over 25 pages.

Put The Audio Recording Of The Teleseminar On A CD

and create a whole new product: a CD that you can also sell on your web site.

Use The Audio Recording As A Bonus

that you give away when someone buys your more expensive products. Doing this provides additional value to people who decide to buy your expensive products, which is good for both you and your customers.

Here are five different ways for you to re-use your teleseminar and create new income streams out of it. Use this information to turn your teleseminar into more income streams.

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