Social Networking Mistakes You Making Now


Are you using social networking web sites to promote your business? Are you getting results? If you are using social networking web sites to promote your business, but are not getting the results that you want, chances are you are making social networking mistakes that prevent you from growing your business.

Take a look at your social networking strategy (if you are saying: “what strategy?”, than that’s your first mistake :) for growing your business with social networking and see whether you are making one of these five mistakes. Each mistake can cost you thousands of dollars in lost profits:

Mistake #5: No Clear Purpose For Social Networking

I have heard from many people that they just want to check out Twitter or see how Facebook works. And that is perfectly fine in the beginning - you take a look at what is available and see whether you like it.

Then they start hanging out there on a regular basis, meet lots of people, but in their mind they never change the purpose for using social networking web sites. In their minds, they are still hanging out there and checking it out.

So if in your mind you are still checking it out, that’s what you are doing. Become clear on what you are looking for when you are using social networking web sites. Are you looking to get more business? Become better known? Researching a new opportunity?

By becoming clear on what you want to achieve, you are taking the first step on getting there!

Mistake #4: Too Much Noise, Not Enough Information

A coach I know got started on social networking web sites by logging in a few times a week and sharing a link to request a free coaching session with her. That’s all she did, and, not surprisingly, she didn’t get any results.

If all you are doing is linking to your service page and telling people to register for your services, chances are you are not getting much luck either. Re-think your strategy and start sharing information before you ask people to register for your services.

Mistake #3: Never Promoting Anything At All

I am sure that you know that too much promotion and not enough anything else does not work on social networking web sites. What many of clients are also very surprised to hear is that never promoting anything does not work either.

If you never tell your connections about what you do, and what you have to offer, how are they ever going to find out about your latest teleseminar or upcoming book?

Make sure to sprinkle information about what you do from time to time. That way your connections will be able to check out what you do and learn more about your products and services.

Mistake #2: Not Interacting With Others

I see so many people doing that - they share a lot of useful information, they share information about their upcoming calls, but they never interact with others. They speak “at” their people, not “with” them.

Start a conversation! Respond to others on Twitter, start a conversation and respond to people who respond to you, etc. When you are engaged in a conversation, your connections get to know you better. And when they get to know you better, like you and trust you, they are much more likely to do business with you.

Mistake #1: Not Having A System

If you want to be very successful with social networking, then you must have a system for using social networking to bring people into your sphere of influence, convert them into leads and then convert them into clients.

Without this system you will not be able to get clients on social networking web sites.

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Biana Babinsky


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