Stop Selling Your Services! Here Is What To Do Instead


You know, sometimes when something isn’t working, you need to change course. I have always been an accomplished cook, but I had never baked. I didn’t really try, but I have always been convinced that I couldn’t bake.

Pear and Apple Crumble

Well, once I changed course and actually started baking, it all worked out. A few days ago I made pear and apple crumble. It was very tasty. And to think, if I were still thinking that I couldn’t bake, I would not have been able to make that great tasting crumble! This post is about doing the same thing in your business. If selling your services isn’t working for you, here is what you can do instead.

Many heart-based service professionals concentrate on selling their services. I see this every day. When I read someone’s bio on Twitter or Facebook, they tell me right off the bat that they provide services and give me a link to check them out and contact them about their services.

When I read heart-based service professionals’ bios that they attach to their articles, the same thing happens. They tell the article readers about their services and invite them to learn more about their services.

When I visit heart-based service professionals’ blogs, again, I get information about the services that they offer.

Unfortunately, many heart-based service professionals don’t get people to take them up on their offer to become a client, and that is no surprise. When you start promoting your services to people who had just met you on a social networking web site or had just read your article, you are skipping an extremely important step. Before you offer your services, you need to build trust between you and your prospects.

When you offer your services to those who already know, like and trust you, great things happen. People who already know you are much more likely to check out your services and become clients.

What should you do instead of offering your services to people on social networking web sites and people reading your articles and your blog? Instead of offering them your services, create an authentic process to invite them to your list instead. This process has no pressure and offers a ton of benefits to your potential clients. It will come as no surprise to you that many more people will take you up on this offer.

Once they are on your list, you will have many opportunities to tell them about your products and services. However, right now, when they are meeting you on social networking web sites, reading your blog and reading your articles, start by using your authentic invitation process to invite them to your list.

Here an example of how to apply this to your business:

Instead of saying: “I am a parenting coach”, say: “I help parents of teenagers communicate better with their teenagers. Get my no charge gift to learn how. [Add a link to where they can get the gift.]“

Do you see how your authentic invitation process is much more effective? Instead of telling your potential clients about your services, you are inviting them to get something that is of great benefit to them. This will they will take you up on your offer, and join your list.

Learn exactly how to create an extremely effective no charge gift and use it to invite people to your list in the Grow Your List Quick Start Guide. The Guide shows you an effective process to grow your list, which is as simple as 1-2-3.

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