The Best Way To Get Clients With Social Networking


Here are two e-mails that I have received recently from coaches about effective social networking:


“Biana, for the last six months I have been telling people I meet on social networking web sites about my coaching services. No one has ever asked me a question about my services, and I haven’t gotten a single client from social networking web sites. What should I do?”


“Biana, I have started using Twitter, but have been shy about promoting myself yet. I have been chatting with people and slowly building up my list of followers. I feel that now I should start letting people know about my coaching services - what is the best way to do that?”

As you can see from these e-mails, neither approach is working. Just telling people you meet on social networking web sites about your services does not work. They don’t know you well enough yet to buy your services.

Not telling people about your products and services isn’t going to work either. If they don’t know anything about what you are offering, how will they be able to buy from you?

What is the best way for these coaches to promote their services on social networking web sites? It might be surprising to hear, but the most effective way to sell your products and services online is not selling at all.

Building the groundwork by generating leads for your business is the most effective way to sell your products and services. Your leads are people who are in your target market; people who want, need and can afford what you have to offer. Your goal is to get these leads on your list by offering them something valuable. Once you have them on your list, you can spend time on building a relationship with them and sharing information about your products and services with them.

When you bring leads into your business on a regular basis and are able to communicate with them, great things happen. You get more customers and more clients every time you send out an email how great is that?

If you are not getting clients from your social networking efforts, revise your social networking strategy. Instead of trying to sell your services, create a strategy to get more leads. It is much easier to turn your social networking contacts into leads and you will get much better results.

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Biana Babinsky


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  1. Ann Marie Dennis Says:

    Hi Biana,

    really good tips here, it seems so simple when you put it into words!


  2. Biana Babinsky Says:

    Annie, thank you for your comment! I am glad you enjoy the tips.

    Biana Babinsky

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