Your Own Radio Show?


Many business owners I know want to set up their own Internet radio show to get the word out about their business and their expertise.

It is very inexpensive to set up your own radio show - all you need is some technical know-how and you are all set to market your business online using audio!

In order to set up your radio show you may want to set up a podcast. It a very cost-effective solution, and more and more people are listening to podcasts now.

There are just a few things you can do to set up your podcast:

- Get a web host that will let you store large files. If you have a web host already, check in with them to see how much file storage you can get.

- Record your radio show - you can do that on your computer using any kind of software.

- Get WordPress software, it is available free at

- Set up your WordPress software on your web host

- Upload your radio show recording to your web host

- Use WordPress to announce a new recording

- Market, market, market. Just like with everything else, it is not enough to set up your radio show. You need to constantly market it in order to get more people listening to your show.

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Biana Babinsky

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