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Is Networking The Only Way to Promote a Business?

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

I think networking is a great way to bring more clients to your business. It is also a great way to create win-win ventures with other business owners. I love online networking, and I have used it to create countless ventures with many business owners.

Many of my clients and business associates are from other states, and other countries. Online networking made it possible for us to connect and work together.

Having said that, networking is a good way, but definitely not the only way to bring target customers to your business. I use search engine optimization, article writing, affiliate programs, pay per click search engines and other techniques to bring clients to my products.

Biana Babinsky
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How to Create Passive Income Products

Monday, November 28th, 2005

Sometime in June I posted on my blog about What We Learned from Hollywood About Passive Income. Ever since, I have been looking at the TV industry to learn how people in the industry create passive income streams and products, and what we can learn from them.

- With the advent of DVDs, pretty much every TV show is available on DVD. Before, only very popular shows were relased on VHS. Now, pretty much every show comes out on DVD. Even shows that get cancelled in the mid-season, but have some cult following are released on DVD to capture all of the possible profits.

How can you use it in your business? If your target market is interesed in a product, release it. If you give a teleseminar, remember to record it, and than release it on CD or as an audio file.

- Miss an episode of your favorite show? You can see it for just $1.99 anytime you want, without commercials.

How can you use it in your business? Sell samples of your work – longer articles, chapters of e-books, trial memberships for small amounts. That way, you can get more customers, and continue marketing to them. If someone buys a smaller sample of your work, and likes it, they will be back for more.

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Should People Be Able to Distribute Your Free Reports?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Do you give out a free report, when people subscribe to your newsletter? Should your subscribers be able to distribute it?

Your free report is to get newsletter subscribers and to get the word out about your business. Think about who would receive the report without subscribing to the newsletter – this would be someone your subscriber knows, but who doesn’t know about you. This way you can get more exposure.

Just do what I recommend to the members of – pepper your free report with information about your web site and other (fee) products. Also, make sure that the report contains your contact information, so that the reader can engage your services after reading the free report.

Biana Babinsky
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How To Price your Digital Products

Monday, November 21st, 2005

Many students and clients ask me how to price their products – CDs, e-books, reports and teleseminars. Suveying what other online publishers are doing is a great first step in setting a price; however, every publisher is different and every product is different, so you can’t set your price just like someone else you know.

I have sold many of my own products and clients’ products, and here are some things to take into consideration:

- Look at what the competition charges for similar products – this is your first reference point.

- Experiment with different prices – you never know until you try. I have seen it with my own products, and my clients products – sometimes when you increase the price, you also increase the sales.

- Do the math. When you increase the price, you don’t have to sell as many products to make the same amount of money. If your product costs $10, you need to sell 10 of them to make $100. If your product costs $20, you only need to sell 5 of them to make the same $100.

- It is not just the price that determines your product sales; it is also the traffic you are able to drive to it. Investigate different ways of promoting your product online – search engine optimization, blogging, article writing and many more. Step by step instructions on using all of these marketing methods to promote your products are available in the Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course.

Biana Babinsky
Biana is the online business coach, consultant and entrepreneur. She is the author of the Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course, your how-to guide to promoting your products online.

Have you Started Working on your Marketing Plan for 2006?

Friday, November 18th, 2005

Have you started working on your marketing plan for 2006? If not, now is the time. Your marketing plan helps you accomplish your goals, stay true to your vision and create a more successful business.

This week’s issue of the Effective Online Marketing Newsletter was all about creating a marketing plan for 2006. If you want to receive a copy, you need to become a subscriber at Effective Online Marketing Newsletter and once you are a subscriber, contact me with your e-mail address, requesting a copy of the newsletter.

Biana Babinsky
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How to Start Outsourcing Your Marketing Tasks

Friday, November 18th, 2005

Want to outsource some of your marketing? What I recommend to my clients (even the ones who want to outsource their marketing tasks) is to create a marketing plan first. While you may not be the one performing all the marketing tasks in the plan, you should know what each task is, what it will entail, etc.

Look at it as if you were to remodel your house. While you are not the one performing the actual remodelling, you will map out exactly what each task will be, which paint colors to use, which furniture to purchase, etc.

Another great way to outsource selling your products is to have an affiliate program. Affiliates sell your products through their newsletters, web sites, blogs, etc and get paid commissions for every sale. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you pay commissions only when the sales are made. No sales, no commissions. My affiliates are my partners, and I am glad to pay them for bring in sales for my products.

I can help you put together a marketing plan, and I am in touch with VA’s, who do marketing work to support coachs’ marketing efforts. Contact me to discuss this.

Biana Babinsky

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How to Add Hundreds of Subscribers to Your Newsletter

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Are newsletters important for your solopreneur business? You bet! The more targeted subscribers you have, the more people you can contact with your articles, your events and your products.

Read on to learn how to get many subscribers for your newsletter…

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How to Get International Clients for Your Business

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Many people ask how to get international clients. My first international client was from Canada, and since than I have worked with many more Canadians, as well as clients from Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The Internet has made it much easier for all of us to communicate and work with people from many different countries.

My clients have usually found me online – through search engines, my articles, my newsletter, by networking together at different online networking communities. This is why it is important to publish your newsletter and articles, do search engine optimization, network, and do everything on a regular basis. Your efforts will definitely pay off!

To learn how to publish your newsletter and articles, do search engine optimization, network online, and do everything on a regular basis, join me and other members at, the online business coaching community for business owners.

Biana Babinsky
Biana Babinsky teaches coaches, consultants, professional organizers, virtual assistants and other solopreneurs how to use the Internet to become better known, and get more domestic and international clients. Join her at, the online business coaching community for business owners for just $7 for the first 14 days to get international clients for your own business!

Tips on Starting a Service Business and Getting Clients

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

I have been hearing from people who are about to start a service business, and they are really looking for information and ideas on bring in customers. Here are my recommendations:

The first thing to do is to sit down and define your target market. Who is your target market – businesses or consumers? If it is businesses, what kind of businesses – small businesses, mid-size, large corporations? Will you be working with businesses in a specific field?

Once you have mapped out the target market for your business, look for networking groups where you can meet members of your target market. Become involved with those groups, and network on a regular basis. Many of my clients report that new projects come to them as a direct result of face to face networking.

Then, start promoting your services online. Get a professional web site for your business, and start promoting your business through online marketing techniques – publish a newsletter and blog, use search engine optimization and online networking to gain more clients.

The Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course provides a step by step strategy to promoting your services online.

Biana Babinsky
The Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course is your how-to guide to promoting your business online, gaining more clients and making more money.

Do you love marketing?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

Ok, maybe not love, but definitely enjoy :)

Many business owners tell me that they don’t like marketing. I have heard similar sentiments from many service providers – coaches, VA’s, consultants, web designers.

As we speak more, I find out that these people don’t like particular marketing strategies – some hate cold calling, others don’t want to network with a room full of strangers, yet others don’t think that they can write well, so they shy away from producing any written material (blogs, articles, etc).

I recommend that you find out what about marketing you don’t like that much, and than either get someone to help you improve that particular technique, or give yourself permission to use that particular technique less, and other techniques more.

As a service professional, you need three things to conduct your business effectively:

- You need to have services AND products that you sell on your web site.

- You need to have a system that brings qualified leads to your web site, every day.

- You need to have a system that keeps in touch and sells to your leads.

You do have a choice with which techniques you can use to bring in leads – my clients use search engine optimization, blogging, article writing, pay per click search engines, advertising, speaking, networking and some other techniques. So if you don’t like one technique, give yourself permission to use other techniques.

You can learn about many different online marketing techniques in my Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course. It teaches you how to promote your business online, using many different online marketing techniques.

Biana Babinsky
Biana Babinsky is the online business coach and expert, who teaches coaches, consultants, VA’s and other solopreneurs how to promote their business effectively, make more money and get more clients online. Get her Complete Step by Step Online Marketing Course to learn how to promote your business online, step by step.