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How To Increase Revenues During Recession

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I have been getting many questions from business owners about how to get clients and increase revenues in a recession. One of the best ways to do that is by creating information products. Here is why:

Offer Lower Priced Options

In today’s economy many people can’t afford to pay for your services. You have two choices: don’t offer any products, and you won’t help any of the people who can’t afford your services. Or, you can offer products and help and create additional revenues with those who can’t afford your one-on-one services.

Help Thousands More People

Even though we are in a recession, your clients still need help and your expertise. This means that you can still help people; you just need to be more creative about it. When you only work one-on-one with your clients, you can only work with a very limited number of people. Create your own information products and you will be able to help thousands of people!

Become Known As An Expert

In today’s economy it is more important than ever to be known as an expert, because when people do decide to spend their money, they spend their money with experts.

Take a look at people who you consider experts. Chances are, they all have products that they offer for sale: e-books, books, teleseminars, etc. When you offer products for sale you are seen as an expert by your target market.

Here are some products that you can create:

- Special Reports And E-books. Both of these are text documents. Special reports are usually shorter documents (about 5-25 pages). E-books tend to run longer. I have seen e-books anywhere from 20 and 400 pages.

- Audio Products are voice recordings of one or more people. There are many options available to you to create audio products. You can create an audio product simply by recording yourself, recording an interview with you, or by recording a class, a lecture, or a workshop.

- Teleclasses And Teleseminars. Teaching classes over the phone is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise to many people at once and to offer your coaching or consulting sessions at a lower price point.

- Community and Membership Web Sites. Membership web sites, blogs and forums are becoming very popular among solopreneurs and online business owners. Many solopreneurs and business owners are repackaging their knowledge, information and expertise and selling it through membership web sites.

Take action and create a plan to create information products today! You will become known as an expert, create additional income streams and help many more people. Get the How To Create Information Guide, to learn exactly how to create information products for your business. Get it now at

Biana Babinsky

5 Things You Can Do On Twitter Now

Monday, February 16th, 2009

A client of mine said to me a few months ago: “I don’t understand how to accomplish anything on Twitter. You only get 140 characters to say what you want to say. I can’t even say hello in 140 characters!”

While 140 characters may seem restrictive, it helps us get right to the point in our twits and share information and value with our followers.

Here are 5 things you can do right now on Twitter – it will help you share your expertise, help others and provide value to your followers:

- Share A Tip. In order to get clients on Twitter you want to be seen as an expert, it is as simple as that. And in order to be seen as an expert, you must promote your expertise. I wrote a whole blog post on promoting your expertise on Twitter, so read it for more information on promoting your expertise on Twitter.

When you share tips in your field of knowledge, you are seen as an expert, someone who has a lot of knowledge in a particular area.

Action to take: share a tip and build your expert status!

- Answer A Question. Take a look at your Twitter stream (a stream of what all of your Twitter friends are saying). Some of your friends are asking questions, looking for recommendations and needed help. Pay it forward and answer a question to which you know the answer!

Action to take now: read your Twitter stream and look for questions that people ask. When you see a question you can respond to, do so!

- Share Something Non-Business Related. Remember, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. Help your followers to get to know you better by sharing something about you.

Did you see a good movie over the weekend? Read a good book? Cooked something tasty? Don’t keep it all to yourself – share with others!

Action to take now: share one fun non-business related thing!

- Ask For A Recommendation. Have you been looking for a web designer for a while? Do you need someone to review your sales letter? Are you looking for coach? Do you have a project that had to be done three months ago, but

Twitter is a great place to ask for recommendations – ask your followers to recommend someone to help you get something done in your business!

Action to take now: find out what kind of vendor you are looking for and ask for a recommendation!

- Share A Recommendation. Did someone on Twitter provide you with exceptional service? Do you enjoy articles that one of your Twitter friends writes? Is there a blog that you want to recommend?

Don’t keep this to yourself – share! By doing so you will provide referrals to the person you are recommending and you will enrich the lives of people who will follow your recommendations! Win-win-win for everyone.

Action to take now: Make a recommendation!

As you can see, there are many things you can do right now to share your expertise, help others and provide value to your followers. Want to learn more about using Twitter to get more clients and customers? Get my How To Promote Your Business With Twitter Home Study Guide at


Biana Babinsky

Stop Wasting Time And Get Results On Twitter!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Quite a few business owners have told me that their major concern about Twitter is that it is a waste of time. They are afraid that they will spend a lot of time on Twitter without getting results. After all, Twitter looks like a chat program where thousands of people can participate at any one time. This certainly looks like a big waste of time.

The beauty of Twitter, though, is how individual it is. Since none of us follow exactly the same people, Twitter conversations will look different to each one of us. Follow random people who you have nothing in common with, and all you will hear about are topics that do not interest you.

However, follow people with similar interests, people who can help you with your business, and people in your target market, and you will see your Twitter stream as an opportunity to learn, contribute, help and get clients for your business.

If you are tired of wasting time reading things you are not interested in on Twitter, here are three tips so that you can stop wasting time and get results:

- Evaluate Your Goals For Twitter. When you just joined Twitter, chances are you joined in because (your coach told you to do that, all the cool kids were doing it, etc), so you did not set any goals. You wanted to see how it goes and what it is.

Now, before you do anything else, you must set some realistic goals for using Twitter. If you do not have any goals, you are not going to see any results. It’s that simple.

What are you expecting from Twitter? Clients? Customers? Newsletter subscribers? Set some goals, and then work on achieving them!

- Don’t Borrow Time For Twitter; Only Spend The Time That You Have. Only spend time that you have on Twitter. Only have 20 minutes in one day? Spend the 20 minutes on Twitter and then go on to your other commitments. Don’t make your client work or marketing activities suffer because of Twitter.

Don’t borrow the time that you do not have to use Twitter. Do allocate some of your marketing time for Twitter. Use that time wisely.

- Track Everything! Track everything about using Twitter. Track how much time you spend and what kind of results you receive (such as newsletter subscribers, clients, exposure to your target market, etc). Doing this will show you whether Twitter marketing is working for you or whether you should adjust it further.

If you feel you are spending too much time on Twitter without results, it is time to reevaluate! Get a pen and a sheet of paper and use the three points above to reevaluate your Twitter strategy. To learn about my step-by-step plan for creating buzz and getting clients and customers on Twitter, get my How To Promote Your Business On Twitter Home Study Guide, at

Biana Babinsky

How To Promote Your Expertise On Twitter

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

I love Twitter! Every week I receive blog readers, interview requests, newsletter subscribers, and clients and customers from Twitter. Why does this happen? It happens because many people on Twitter know that I am an expert at helping business owners get more newsletter subscribers and clients online, so they turn to me when they need help with getting clients or they would like to interview someone who is an expert at helping business owners get clients.

This will work for you too. If you become known on Twitter for your expertise many more people will want to interview you, read your blog, subscribe to your newsletter and buy your products and services.

So how do you let people on Twitter know about your expertise? How do you promote your expert status and become seen as an expert? Here are three tips for you to accomplish just that:

- Promote Your Expert Status In Your Twitter Profile. Start from the very beginning. If someone on Twitter wants to learn more about you, where do they start? They go to your profile.

Use your profile to communicate your expert status in your field. You don’t have to call yourself a guru or an expert, but you must provide enough information to communicate your expertise. Use your bio to provide information about who you are and what you do.

- Help Others. Many experts share their expertise and use it to help others. There is a lot you can do on Twitter to help others. You can offer tips, re-tweet their requests, and answer their questions.

Many people re-tweet (share with their followers) tips that they see. This means that if you share tips that resonate with your followers, your followers will share them with their followers. This dramatically increases the number of people who see your tips and your expertise.

- Share Your Blog Posts On Twitter. Your blog posts help you share tips, demonstrate your expertise and attract clients. Another great way to demonstrate your expertise on Twitter is to share your blog posts with your followers.

There are two ways to do that. One is manual. Every time you write a new blog entry, post its name and a link to it to Twitter. That way your followers will see the link, follow it to your blog and read your post.

You can also automate posting your blog posts to Twitter. Use an application called Twitterfeed to automatically post your blog posts to Twitter. With Twitterfeed all you have to do is create a blog post. Once you do, it will be automatically posted to your Twitter account and your followers will be able to read your blog post, without your having to do anything for it. This is a great way to automate the promotion of your expertise on Twitter.

Remember, people like to do business with experts. Follow these three tips to demonstrate your expertise on Twitter and you will start seeing better results from Twitter very soon! To learn more about using Twitter to get clients and customers, get the How To Promote Your Business With Twitter Home Study Guide, at


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A Collection Of All Of My Twitter Tips

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009


I have been getting requests from many people for Twitter tips, so I am compiling a list of all of my Twitter blog posts. I will be adding more to this list, as I add more Twitter posts, so bookmark this page and come back from time to time. Enjoy!


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