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What To Bring With You Into 2010

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

It is almost 2010. Last week I shared three things that we should leave in 2009.

Today I want to share three things that we should take into 2010, because they worked great in 2009.

One of the principles that I teach to my clients is “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. If something is working for you, continue using it, so that it continues to help your business.

Here is what you should bring with you into 2010:

Learning New Things. Never stop learning! I have learned many new things in 2009 and am looking forward to learning even more in 2010.

Join me in learning! Decide what you will learn this year and take action! Pick up a book, find a few blogs you like to learn from, subscribe to a few newsletters to learn from, attend teleseminars or workshops.

Your Fabulous Clients. Your clients are the reason you are excited about doing what you do. Who are the people you are excited to work with? Who are the clients you would like more of? Now is a great time to find your target market or redefine an existing one and start the New Year with a target market that is a great fit for you and your business.

Take your current clients and your future clients into the New Year with you and help them achieve all of their goals!

Building Your List. It all starts with building your list. It’s a list of people who know you, like you, trust you and want to hear from you! When you have a list of your potential clients who want to hear from you, everything changes. Every time you send an e-mail to your list, you are able to get more clients and more sales. It is as simple as that!

Take your list with you into the New Year and start working right now on growing it. A bigger list means more business for you in the New Year.

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Interview With Shel Horowitz

Monday, December 21st, 2009

I am very excited to share with you this interview with Shel Horowitz. He is the award-winning author of Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers and Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First. Shel Horowitz is awaiting publication of his eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson).

As a copywriter/marketing and publishing consultant, Shel helps authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs with marketing plans, book jackets, website copy, press releases, etc. He also turns unpublished writers into published authors, step by step.

Shel’s been featured in many major media, including repeat appearances in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and elsewhere. An expert on affordable, ethical, and effective marketing, he’s been using social media marketing all the way back to 1995, and since 1996, it has brought in the majority of his income. Shel speaks frequently on social media, book publishing, frugal and ethical marketing, and business success through ethics and Green principles. He’s the founder of the international Business Ethics Pledge.

Biana: What inspired you to write your book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First?

Shel: Reading the news in the early part of this decade, when it was filled with scandal after scandal–Enron, WorldCom, and all the rest–I had an insight that the frugal marketing methods I’d been advocating for years were also highly ethical, and that success was actually *easier* for ethical businesses than for crooked ones.

Biana: How did the principles of putting people first when you market change the way you market your own business?

Shel: Well, I’ve always put people first ever since I started my business in 1981, but when I started actively talking about it, being public about it, I started to attract a much better class of client. At that time, the bulk of my business was people coming in for a one or two quick jobs, like a press release and a back cover for a book, and then they’d be gone. I still do those kinds of things, but I’ve found that more of my clients want to stay with me a while. They want to hear what I have to say about their overall marketing strategy, and hire me to carry out many more pieces of that strategy. Sometimes, they actually want me to produce their book, start to finish. This has built a nice floor in my business, because I don’t have to be in constant marketing mode when I have steady clients.

Biana: Can you give our readers your top three tips to help them transform the way they do marketing, based on your principles?


* Follow the “Magic triangle” of honesty, integrity, and quality
* Build partner relationships with other ethical businesses that already reach your best prospects, and let them open doors for you
* When you have high standards of ethics and a cooperative attitude, you can turn customers, suppliers, industry experts, and even competitors into ambassadors for you

Biana: What’s next for you? What are you going to be working on in 2010?

Shel: It’s going to be a big year for me. First, my eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, will be coming out–it expands on the concepts in Principled Profit to really see the business world through an eco-oriented lens, and unlike the self-published Principled Profit, it will have the support of a major publisher.

Biana: Please tell us more about your book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, and how the readers can purchase it.

Shel: Principled Profit may have been the first book to really look at all of these issues together. Most business ethics books are all about being ethical because it’s the right thing to do and it keeps you out of jail. That’s true, but it’s a only a little piece of the whole story. I chose to slice it differently: the focus is that business ethics is a roadmap for business success. when you look through that lens, amazing things are possible, and Principled Profit really goes through that piece by piece, with examples ranging from solopreneurs to the Fortune 100. the book won an Apex Award for best book in the marketing/PR field, was republished in Mexico and India, was endorsed by more than 80 entrepreneurs form Chicken Soup’s Jack Canfield and MarketingSherpa founder Anne Holland on down–and I think this book has begun to make a difference in the way the business world is starting to think.

Through the end of the year (or until I run out of books), I’ve cut the price substantially from the original $17.50: $11.95 for single copies, and lower prices as you buy more. A whole case is just $4 per book, or $2.50 per copy (that’s 86 percent off the list price) if you buy out the stock. It makes a great holiday gift for sales and customer service people, customers, and entrepreneur friends.

Here’s the link: <>

Social Media Marketing: Top Five Ways To Get More Traffic From Social Networking Web Sites

Monday, December 14th, 2009

If you want to use social media marketing to get more clients, the first step to take is to use social networking web sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to get more traffic to your web site. Here are the top five ways to get traffic to your web site from social networking web sites:

1. List Your Web Site In Your Profile. When you are using social networking web sites, and are connecting with someone new, the first thing they are going to do is check out your profile. And when they check out your profile, whether on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, they are going to look for a link to your web site to learn more about you.

Make sure to link to your web site from all of your social networking profiles. This is one of the easiest ways to get more traffic to your web site.

2. Use Twitterfeed To Post Your Blog Posts To Twitter. One of the most effective ways to get more traffic to your web site is by sharing your blog posts on Twitter. When your followers are interested in what you have to say, they will visit your blog and read your blog posts.

Use to automatically share your blog posts on Twitter. That way even if you forget to post a link to your blog post on Twitter, this tool will do this for you automatically.

3. Notes On Facebook. Just like you should share your blog posts on Twitter, you should also share them on Facebook. On Facebook you can use application called Notes. To find it, click on “Applications” and then “Notes”.

Once you set it up, your blog posts will be automatically posted to your Facebook account.

4. Status Updates. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all let you post status updates. Use some of your status updates to invite your connections to visit your web site. Don’t link to your web site using every update and don’t invite people to check out the same page every time.

Vary your updates, vary your links and vary what you invite your connections to check out to get the most traffic.

5. Get Traffic To Articles That You Post To EzineArticles. lets your connect your account with your Twitter account. This way, every time your new article is approved, it is automatically posted to your Twitter account.

When you do this, you will get more traffic to your articles, and, since your Resource Box invites people to visit your web site, you will get more traffic to your web site as well.

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My Holiday Gift To You

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Are you putting your heart and soul into your business, but clients just aren’t coming to you?

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So if you love your business, but hate marketing, grab this report to learn the information you need to start attracting your perfect clients to your business!

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How To Get More Coaching Clients Online

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Here is a question I have received from many coaches – “How do I get more coaching clients online?” I am sure you have wondered about that too! In this article I am sharing with you steps that will help you create a plan to get more clients for your business.

Who Are Your Clients?

This is the very first question that you must ask yourself. After all, if you do not know who your potential clients are, whom you want to attract to your business, how are you going to find them?

Create a profile of your perfect client – what do they do? How old are they? Are they male or female? What do they need help with?

Once you know who your perfect client is, it is going to be much easier to attract them to your business.

What Are You Offering To Your Clients?

If you are not bringing clients to your business, the reason may be that you are not offering what they really need. What your potential clients are looking for are solutions to the problems they are having. If that is not what you are offering them, they will not contact you to work with you.

For example, you are a weight loss coach, and one of the problems for your clients is overeating and gaining weight during the holiday season, you may want to offer a coaching package that deals with gaining weight during the holiday season.

Create An Authentic Message That Describes Your Offerings

Now that you are offering your services as a solution to your potential clients’ problems, you must communicate this to them.

To do that, you need to create an authentic message about your offerings that you are going to share on your web site, in your newsletter, on your blog, etc. When you share an authentic message that speaks to your target market, you are going to attract many clients to your coaching business.

Share Your Message With Your Potential Clients

Once you create the message, you need to start sharing it. Use social networking web sites, article directories, as well as your own blog and newsletter to connect with your potential clients and share your message.

Invite Your Potential Clients To Take The Next Step With You

As your potential clients get to know you through your message, social networking web sites, your blog and your newsletter, they are going to start wondering how they can learn more from you.

Don’t leave them wondering! Make sure that is always simple for your potential clients to take the next step with you by getting on your list.

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